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How to Reholster Your Pistol

There may be times when you need to draw your pistol quickly, but reholstering is to be done slowly and deliberately following these steps:

  1. The first step is to move your thumb to the back of the slide.
  2. Then extend your trigger finger far and wide away from the gun.
  3. Anchor your support hand to your chest or belly, and then use it to move anything that may obstruct your view of your holster. Observe that your holster has a clear opening. In other words, if the “girls” or your tummy is in the way, use your support hand to smash them or move them so you can see!
  4. Finally, bringing your elbow straight back with a firm wrist and keeping your gun safely pointed down range, seat the front sight into the holster, and watch the gun go into the holster until it is completely seated and secure. If you have a kydex holster make sure it clicks in. You can give it a slight tug to make sure that it is secure.

Take extreme caution to follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety at all times, regardless of the holster you choose or where it is located on your body (i.e., outside the waistband as pictured above, or in a concealed carry location).

As Julianna Crowder explains in her article, How to Choose a Concealed Carry Holster, “Be careful not to try a holster because of beautiful marketing or latest trends, but rather quality construction, usability, and — most important — safety.

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