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How to Pack Up Your Gear After a Shooting Session

When you finish a practice session and are ready to prepare to leave the range, use good etiquette for packing your gear. Be deliberate in your motions when packing up, just as you are when you are setting up your bench for your shooting session.

First, remove the magazine from the pistol and ensure that the firearm is clear of all ammunition. If you need to set the gun down, lock the slide back first.

When packing your gear, the gun takes priority over all other items. If your case does not have a dedicated area or pocket for your pistol, then slide it into a holster before packing it for transport.

Always maintain a safe muzzle direction, even when your firearm is in the case. After your pistol is safely stored, pack up your ammunition, loader, and other accessories. Keep your eye and hearing protection on until you leave the live-fire area.

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