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Drawing Your Pistol

In this video Tatiana Whitlock walks you through the A Girl & A Gun method for drawing your pistol.

Make sure that your holster is in the proper position on your belt. Start by anchoring your support hand on your chest or belly, while the elbow of your dominant hand drives back allowing your hand to position properly on your pistol and take a firm, high grip.

When you put your hand on your pistol, you want to ensure that you have a proper grip from the start. You also want to ensure that your trigger finger is away from the trigger and lays along the frame of the gun as you draw it up from the holster.

When you remove your pistol from the holster, lift straight up. Next drop your elbow to rotate your pistol forward towards your target. Bring your support hand to complete your 2-handed, 360-degree grip in centerline with your body, and then present towards your target while bringing the pistol up to align your sights.

Return your pistol to your holster by completing the steps in reverse order. Anchor your support hand to your chest or belly. Observe that your holster has a clear opening and that your finger is safely on the side of the frame far away from the trigger. When it is safe to reholster, bring your elbow straight back with a firm wrist, keeping your finger along the frame and the gun safely pointed down range. Seat the front sight into the holster, lift your trigger finger far and away, and watch the gun go into the holster until it is completely seated and secure. Take extreme caution to follow the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.

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