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How to Draw Your Pistol from an Appendix Carry Position

Drawing your pistol from the appendix carry position follows a lot of the same principles of the strong-side holster draw, but there are nuances that are different with this particular carry method. As Tatiana Whitlock explains in the following video, this discussion focuses on the technique of the drawstroke without the additional training considerations of managing cover garments.

The drawstroke from appendix carry includes these steps:

  1. Bring support hand to chest or belly making to sure there are no obstructions on the draw.
  2. Drive the webbing of your strong hand into the pistol forming a firm, high grip.
  3. Draw the gun straight up and out of the holster.
  4. Rise the muzzle to face the target.
  5. Rotate the gun so that your support hand can come into position for a proper two-handed grip.
  6. Remain in a high compressed ready position or present out on target.

When returning the gun to the holster, do the steps in reverse in a very slow and deliberate way: Maintain a strong and aggressive stance, return to a compressed ready position, and verify that your finger is high on the frame away from the trigger. With your support hand, clear any obstructions or cover garments between the pistol and the holster. Roll the gun flat so that it is parallel to the ground and then point the front sight down to the holster. Watch the front sight go in to the mouth of the holster, keeping your trigger finger far away from the holster, and then slowly seat the gun down into the holster.

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