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Hooked on Upland Hunting

GREENSBURG KS ( — A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) Women’s Shooting League hosted its 4th Upland Adventure pheasant hunt from November 30 to December 3, 2022, at Upland Inn Hunts in Greensburg, Kansas. The hunting group comprised 6 women from around the country, along with 3 of their husbands. The ladies had the honor of hunting with AG & AG Founder Julianna Crowder as well as Dave Miller of CZ-USA with his bird dogs, Guinness and Sailor.

”The hunt was a welcoming experience for me as a first-time hunter, ” said Jeannine McKnight.  “The seasoned hunters mentored the newcomers, there was valuable instruction from Dave, and great camaraderie in the field.”

The group started with a mini-lesson on safety, what to expect in the field, and a gear check.  Dave gave a review of the fundamentals on the range by breaking some clay pigeons. Although several ladies brought their own shotguns, Dave fitted them with CZ-USA shotguns that were ideal for upland hunting.  And the ladies would agree, Dave’s shotguns were lightweight and easier to carry as they maneuvered through the tall grass. 

Then they all met back at the lodge for a homestyle welcome dinner.  This was Robyne Gold’s 3rd AG & AG upland hunt, and she was quick to share her experience with the newcomers.  Needless to say, Robyne earned a prize for being the first to shoot a pheasant on both days!

Day 1 in the field began with frigid temperatures and wind gusts up to 40 mph.  Hunting was challenging, but the group persevered and managed to bag over 25 birds before dusk.  With the strong winds, the birds were staying on the ground and running away through the tall grass.  

The winds were calmer on Day 2 and the temperature warmed up a bit.  The ladies bagged several birds early in the day, and by mid-afternoon the group had met their limit.  The highlight of the afternoon hunt was John Crowder’s single shot that brought down two pheasants at once!  Everyone was dumbstruck at the sight, and then immediately cheered and gave high-fives.  Sandra Woodruff shared, “Guinness and Sailor were incredible at finding pheasants, pointing, then flushing them out for us!  It was beautiful to see it all come together.”

The group gathered for the farewell dinner and reminisced over hunt highlights.  Dave shared, “What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to share my passion with ladies who are so wonderful and willing to learn.”  The Crowders echoed the same sentiment and encouraged the ladies to return for future upland hunts.  This was the first hunting experience for several of the ladies and true to form, Dave ensured it was a memorable experience for all.  A couple of the ladies took note of the model shotguns they used so they could take advantage of the AG & AG Vendor Discount Program and purchase a CZ-USA shotgun for their next upland hunt.  McKnight shared, “This was an incredible experience and I’m hooked on upland hunting!”

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