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Gun Safety Strap

By Eileen Kerlin

All too often we hear about the story of a child getting a hold of a loaded gun and the results are all too often tragic. As responsible gun owners we cannot allow this to happen.  Even though our lives are busy with work, school, activities; negligence cannot be excused. 

As a gun owner and a mother, I always want to keep my firearm out of the hands of unauthorized users; be it a child or a guest in my home. The producers of the GUN SAFETY STRAP are providing another tool that we can use to remind us to lock up our firearms. 

The bright yellow strap attaches to our gun while stored or locked. When you take your gun out to the range or put it on your person to conceal carry; place the strap in an obvious place in your home.  On the fridge, the coat rack, anywhere where you’ll see it when you return home.  When you get home the bright yellow strap will remind you to store you gun properly. Place the strap back on the gun and store it in a safe place. 

You can use it with a cable lock, a trigger lock or guns that are locked in a safe.  They are also available in bulk and you can even add your logo. All members of your household need to make gun security a priority.  As gun owner’s, safety is of the utmost importance. We need to practice it every day.

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