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Glock 44: The Gateway Gun

The G44 from GLOCK is a compact pistol that is chambered in .22 LR. I got my first look at the G44 when Julianna Crowder, Tatiana Whitlock, and I were among VIP guests invited by GLOCK to attend the official launch in December 2019.

Julianna and I were invited to a beautiful location in Georgia, but very few people knew what was in store. The secretive atmosphere led to the excitement over the new product and what it would be. The Internet was abuzz with predictions of the caliber and style of the new product.

We met up with Tatiana and attended a welcome dinner, where we visited with select industry professionals that included distributors, writers, and military/LE folks. The three of us made new friends and everyone was familiar with A Girl & A Gun and the work that we’re doing.

The next morning, shuttles carried all of the guests to breakfast before we were invited into an auditorium. When the presentation began, the rest of the world was allowed to watch via livestream. The G44 made its debut!

I was excited to get my hands on the pistol and learn more about it. The size is indistinguishable from the popular G19, so it fit in my hand perfectly, although it allows a user to swap out different sized backstraps for the perfect fit. One of the most recognizable features was the hybrid steel-polymer slide that ensures that the weight is distributed correctly for the round to cycle. My favorite feature is the magazine, which is more sturdy and efficient than a typical .22 LR mag.

We were finally able to send rounds down range when our group was shuttled across the property to a beautiful covered shooting pavilion overlooking a range with steel targets from Action Targets. GLOCK reps were loading magazines at tables behind the firing line, so we were able to shoot as much as we wanted. One thing that was most noticeable when shooting this gun: everyone was smiling! It is a really fun gun to shoot!

There were very, very few malfunctions, which was noticeable and unusual for most .22 LRs. Thousands of rounds went through the G44s on the line, and they all continued to cycle reliably. I was very pleased to see first-hand that the G44 is not as picky about ammo as most .22 LR pistols. When I chatted with a rep from CCI, he told me that prior to the release GLOCK tested many different types, including synthetic and copper, and the pistol performed consistently well. The GLOCK reps shared their excitement about this as well.

I took pictures of Julianna sending rounds down range.

In addition, the G44 was surprisingly accurate for a .22 LR. The pistol comes standard with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) with polygonal rifling, and we were able to hit steel arrays at all distances. The G44 also comes with adjustable rear sights. This pistol is great for training for target transitions, as well as all of the basics of marksmanship.

Instructors will love the G44 because it is a great way to introduce new shooters to gun safety and the fundamentals. It is perfect for shooters who have recoil concerns or fears. Because it is the same size as the G19, a shooter can practice her drawstroke and presentation with the G44 using her G19 holster and gear, either as an introduction to shooting while working up to a 9mm caliber or for cost-saving measures by training with less expensive ammo.

This is the perfect gateway gun! We will love this pistol for years to come.

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