The Girl’s Getaway Program provides casual destination events for shooting and camaraderie. Planned at different venues across the country on a quarterly basis, the weekends allow AG & AG members from various chapters to share new shooting experiences and meet new friends.

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Battle Mind

July 20-23, 2017
Titusville, FL

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The first rule of gunfighting is “Bring A Gun” and the second rule is “Bring Friends With Guns”! There is power in numbers if harnessed correctly and as a couple you have got those gunfighting rules leaning in your favor. However, having a plan of action is one thing but executing it under stress of eminent danger or death is something altogether different. As a couple, your survival hinges on the very things this class covers.

Battle Mind: Special Ops for the Real World gives you the mindset and skills to react to threats you may encounter in your life. This Co-Ed event focuses on several aspects of a relationship, like communication, trust and even touch to demonstrate how they can be used to thwart an aggressors initial plans and give you the opportunity to devise and enact a plan of survival in a moment’s notice.


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