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Getting Ready for Fall Fest 2021

Preparation for the 2021 A Girl & A Gun Fall Fest is underway! The 6th Annual Fall Festival will take place in Cross Timbers, MO, from Sept. 28 through Oct. 3, 2021. It actually comprises three separate events: 3-Gun University Presented by TROY Industries, which is three days of training clinics and strategy workshops; the 1-day Team Pistol Challenge; and the Multigun Challenge, a 2-day match for both 3-gun and PCC competitors.

Fall Fest is the ONLY action shooting sports event in the country that offers an exclusive All Ladies Competition with divisions for 3 Gun and PCC with an exceptional prize table in order of finish. The two-woman Pistol Team Challenge is a combination of paper and falling steel with 6 stages of team work with a Lewis class payout.

Match Director Julianna Crowder and Rangemaster John Crowder recently spent four days at the Lucas Oil Cattle Ranch plotting out stage locations and creating courses of fire that are not only fun, but challenging the for the experienced shooter yet welcoming to those who are newer to multigun sports. Competitors will sling rifles and engage targets out to 600 yards, run through wooded paths shooting on the move, and use a few unique props and platforms that are special to the Lucas Oil Ranch that will make this match memorable — and one you don’t want to miss!

The Lucas Oil Ranch features several tactical bays and beautiful natural terrain locations that are the perfect backdrop for the Team Pistol Challenge and Multigun Challenge. It was more difficult than we expected to choose the 8 locations for this year’s Multigun Challenge, as there are so many awesome places to choose from. We have had a good time creating these stages for Speed, Accuracy and Safe Gun Handling, which are paramount to competitive shooting sports. Adding physical barriers and challenges makes it interesting for the shooter, and we are mindful not to hinder participation. Our balance creates a match that asks you to rise to a level of training and also ensures that you’re having fun.

Stage preview videos are online at with tips on what techniques to practice and skillsets to prepare. After you register, you are invited to join the Fall Fest 2021 Chat Group for additional information to help you have the best match experience. Registration is open so grab your spot today!

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