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Galveston-Area Chapters Welcome LouKa Tactical

On Oct 17-18, 2020, AG & AG Galveston-Area Chapters hosted an Advanced Pistol 2 class with LouKa Tactical.  Cindy Scott from the League City Chapter, along with her A-Team and several members, also welcomed Reba Hennigan, Facilitator of the Beaumont chapter, and Kat Joel-Reich, Facilitator from the Alvin Chapter. In all, 18 ladies attended the 2-day course.    

Lou Ann Hamblin, lead instructor for LouKa Tactical, explained that the Primary Objective for the Advanced Pistol 2 class was:  To provide participants with knowledge, skills and understanding of the pistol that will enhance their individual shooting performance, particularly in the area of pistol marksmanship, speed and advanced operation.

Lou Ann, along with her assistant instructors Kathy and Beverly, often complimented the attendees the women in attendance as well as A Girl & A Gun as a whole.  Everyone appreciated Lou Ann’s stories, method of teaching, and humor. The growth in shooting skill for the attendees was tremendous. 

Cindy Scott’s after-action email to attendees is included, below:

1)  First and most important is I want each and every one of you to know how proud I am of you.  I tried to watch each one of you sometime this weekend while you were in class.  Ladies, you represent the BEST of A Girl & A Gun. I saw concentration and willingness to work hard and learn; focus; tons of smiles; laughter; professional conduct and etiquette; and most importantly I saw an enormous amount of support for each other.  You have no idea how proud I am of every single one of you. All day each day as I watched all of you, I received a gift by seeing your successes, by seeing your smiles and laughter and that sisterhood and community in full force.  The last 2 days have been like Christmas for me.  So thank you ladies for being YOU.  ☺

2) For many of you, this weekend’s 2 day class is the first time you have ever attended a professional training class.  I hope that this experience has given you a look at what the differences are with our ladies events and professional training. They are different, and we do benefit from both. So after this weekend, if the bug has bitten ☺ and you are ready for more I would love for you to sign up for AG & AG National Conference if you can.  This would be another great step to take to further your “training” because nowhere else in the country is there an event with 50+ of the best instructors in the business in one place to teach ladies.  Plus, it’s AG & AG ladies so it doesn’t get better than that.  The conference price is cheap for the 3 full days of instruction you receive.  So if you haven’t already signed up for conference, here is the link. I believe they have only a handful of tickets left.

3)  Lou Ann, Kathy, and Beverly talked with me multiple times over this past weekend.  Many of those conversations were about YOU ladies.  I heard something excellent about every single one of you. To share the common theme of their comments were….your teamwork and support of your fellow lady next to you on the line.  Your shooting skills….yes all of you performed wonderfully and the amount of growth and confidence you had by the end of the last day.  My personal observation from my discussions with Lou Ann and her Assistant Instructors was that they received a HUGE boost from all of you over the last few days because of how welcoming all of you were to them.  I think we AG & AG ladies continue to surprise them with not only our skills but more importantly our sisterhood and support.  They told me over and over how amazing all of you were.  Great job!!!  I hope our group has spoiled them so they want to come back.

4)  Ladies, I want you to know some of the skill sets you learned this weekend were “instructor” method skills that are never in classes unless they are “Instructor” classes.  What does that mean?   Lou Ann taught you skills that you not only learned but learned in a manner of being able to share that knowledge.  Example was the “Trigger Discipline” or “Exemplar Drill.”  There was a lot of good stuff you learned this past weekend. So my suggestion is….in the next few days look over your handouts and make notes of the things you learned and either write or type them out to keep in a file system for later review as needed.  It’s a type of “knowledge dump” to get it on paper for me. 

If you have posted some pictures on your Facebook page I would love for you to post them to our chapter page and on LouKa Tactical’s FB page too.  (Just make sure muzzles, and fingers are appropriate.) They posted the group picture of our class. Go make a comment of how awesome they were.

OK, so to repeat the question LouAnn asked us all weekend:  What is more important – speed or accuracy? 

Lastly, where do you ladies want to go from here?  I have so many classes in development and hope to roll them out soon. COVID-19 has definitely put a damper on that progress and the lack of a range.  Plus, as you know the League City Chapter leadership team is continually working to offer programs, events to help our ladies grow.  So, feel free to let me know what you are looking for.  Your leadership team is here for YOU. Thank you for ladies for sharing a wonderful weekend with us.

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