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February 2024 Recap

This month we celebrated our 13th anniversary! Our attendance was up 11% over last year, and we trained nearly 4,000 women this month! We hosted our 12th GLOCK Getaway, held more training events, and welcomed many new members. Here are the highlights for February 2024:

AG & AG Celebrates 13 YEARS!

On February 28, A Girl & A Gun Nation celebrated Founder’s Day to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the evening that Julianna Crowder hosted 5 ladies at a range outside Austin TX for the very first Girls Night Out in 2011. Since then, AG & AG has introduced thousands of women and families to the safe and proficient use and storage of firearms. Last year alone the league hosted nearly 40,000 women at 3,986 in-person training events! The club currently has more than 7,100 card-carrying members throughout all 50 states, as well as thousands of guests who attend training and competitive events.

More Armorers Attend AG & AG GLOCK Getaway

This month 14 AG & AG ladies traveled to the GLOCK Professional facility in Smyrna, GA. Participants took a one-day Armorer’s Course followed by the two-day Operator’s Course with GLOCK instructors. This was our 12th GLOCK Getaway and we are proud that we have brought nearly 200 women to Smyrna, GA, to become certified GLOCK Armorers.

Conference Catalog Published

In February, we published the SHINE 2024 Conference Catalog for all registered participants. The 75-page Catalog lists the 65 top-tier instructors that will be teaching, courses available, agenda, gear requirements, optional activities, and training matrix for our 2024 National Conference Presented by GLOCK that will take place April 25-April 29, 2024, outside Grand Junction, CO. The schedule (printed, pictured above with members of the Lufkin TX Chapter) shows the 348 training sessions that the 700 students will attend.

By the Numbers

Here is our reach for February 2024:

  • We mailed 597 membership packets from HQ!
  • In Feb. 2024 A Girl & A Gun chapters hosted 417 chapter events with 2,398 attendees (+11% over last Feb)!
  • We hosted 2 virtual events with 1,568 (and climbing!) views.
  • Our smartphone app downloads grew to 11,894 users (+9.5% over last Feb).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for February 2024:

The Southern NH Chapter ladies came together for a #2024Goals meeting. Everyone shared their personal goals and discussed what clinics and training they would like to accomplish during the year. It was a wonderful night of laughter and learning! #itsmorethanshooting

The Dayton OH Chapter hosted a “Finesse the Press: Trigger Control Drill” clinic and finished the evening with some live-fire practice on a variety of targets.

The Lakeland FL Chapter hosted Wilson Combat Competitive Shooter Austin Proulx for a full day of extraordinary training.

The North Austin TX Chapter had a great time putting together the AG & AG National Conference Party Boxes! Many thanks to our vendor sponsors for providing some really cool gear and gadgets for our conference attendees who ordered a box.

The San Antonio TX Chapter had a wonderful time supporting each other during GNO.

The Lubbock TX Chapter ladies had a holster class to prepare for the upcoming AG & AG Conference. #SHINE2024

The San Antonio TX Chapter held an in-depth study of gun and carry laws using USCCA curriculum, while tailoring the info to be Texas specific.

National eChapter A-Team Member, Jenni Smith, was highlighted in the Tempe Tribune! She is on staff at her local range, who is taking notice of women in the firearms industry. The range has hired many female instructors to help their female customers feel more comfortable.

The Lubbock TX Chapter A-Team member LaDonna Mild and Chapter Facilitator Christina Scott traveled to Abilene, TX, to JM4 Tactical to earn their USCCA CCHDF Instructor Certifications.

The Central WI Chapter got together at Clay Corners and painted a variety of items. They had an awesome dinner afterwards! #itsmorethanshooting

The Alvin TX Chapter had an incredible GNO. It started in the classroom with S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the year, an overview of the AG & AG Shooting Journal, talked about a Charity Fundraiser, went over the Trigger Finesse drill of the month, then headed to the range for practice with each member receiving an AG & AG Silhouette target.

The San Antonio TX Chapter had fun doing some defensive shotgun training.

The Treasure Coast and West Palm Beach Chapters gathered items to send to female military members, who are deployed. They loaded their first package with AG & AG swag. Kellie Smith is a Commander on the William P. Lawrence Destroyer. #givingback

The North Austin TX Chapter had a great time teaming up with ladies from the Bell County TX Chapter to shoot their first GSSF Match at Mountain Creek Range!

The Flagler County FL Chapter collected over $500 in gift cards and cash to present to the Family Life Center (for Women and Children escaping abuse). Candy and Mada, volunteers at the center, presented information on how to help by volunteering and donating. #givingback

The Southern NH Chapter welcomed four new USCCA Certified Instructors! Mentorship and friendship go hand-in-hand! If you dream it, we help you become it! #itsmorethanshooting

The Douglas County NV Chapter can count on weekly Quarterly Match Practice even in the snow from winter storms.

The Davenport IA Chapter hosted a USCCA representative to explain the importance of defense insurance.

The Lauderdale FL Chapter hosted their GNO with Valentine targets and trigger control drills!

The Bastrop TX Chapter hosted the new Executive Director of the Texas State Rifle Association to talk about the organization’s new goals. Then 2 of the chapter’s rifle instructors taught 23 people about the AR-15.

The Columbia MO Chapter enjoyed their GNO time practicing the skill of the month, trigger control, on the AG & AG Valentine’s Day targets. They engaged in various drills tailored to their color tracks.

The Northwest GA Chapter enjoyed their first GNO at their new host range, Agoge Armory. We love our host ranges!

The Oxford OH Chapter had a great turnout for their Stop the Bleed clinic. Lots of life saving skills were learned by all!

The Mo-Kan Chapter had an NRA Range Safety Officer course at their host range, Tri-County Rod and Gun Club. Five of the 18 participants who earned their RSO Certifications were AG & AG members!

The South Houston TX Chapter ladies had a fun Girls Night Out. Mentorship and friendship are all around!

The Saukville WI and the Kettle Moraine WI Chapters attended a Stop the Bleed class and learned new life saving skills!

The Waukesha WI Chapter had an all-women pheasant hunt guided by Women at Wern Valley Sportsman Club. They had 7 women in attendance with 28 birds released and 14 were taken home! It was a first hunt for many attendees!

The Bucks County PA Chapter shot their Hearts Out! Using their pistols, they shot the hearts one at a time to see how many they could hit. Then they moved the targets to different distances and did it again! Such fun AG & AG targets!

The Tallahassee FL Chapter invited spouses and special someones to shoot with them for Valentines! They had special targets and a couple’s competition. Everyone got to go to the prize table!

The Montgomery County PA chapter shot some homemade targets made by member Amanda. She also won the blingy pen in the shooting contest!

The Grand Junction CO Chapter kicked it into high gear with back-to-back T-Time options all in one day. The first part focused on the FBI Qualification. Brent Hickmon, from Defenders USA, led part two.

Chapter Facilitators for the North Austin TX and Lufkin TX Chapters earned their Off-Body (Flex Carry) Concealed Carry Instructor Credentials from Vicki Farnam of Defense Training International.

The Gold Country CA Chapter had a blast at Breakfast & Bullets, shooting the Quarterly match just for fun! It was pretty amazing how well everyone did under pressure!

The Kettle Moraine WI Chapter invited their guys out for a night on the range shooting Valentine’s targets then some friendly competition on the MILO range.

The Douglas County NV Chapter held a February GNO and used the AG & AG Snowman Target. They shot 5 strings, consisting of shooting large to small targets, reverse, small to large targets and finished with the smallest targets the eyes and buttons.

The League City TX Chapter offered a “Pistol Essentials & Conference Gear Check” class. Everyone was able to go through a mock conference gear check to learn what equipment they needed to have a successful AG & AG National Conference, along with some fun, informative pistol skill drills to get everyone ready.

The Gold County CA Chapter’s February Girl’s Night Out was a hit! With much laughter and camaraderie, everyone worked on a particular skillset and went home better for it.

The Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach, and Lauderdale FL Chapters hosted Brian Hill for Pistol Essentials and Beyond. They had 13 students, who learned a lot and gained confidence.

The Treasure Coast and West Palm Beach FL Chapters’ 1st Quarter fundraiser revolved around giving eyeglasses to the Lions group. They collected a whopping 41 pairs of eyeglasses and 14 pairs of sunglasses to donate! #givingback

The League City TX Chapter hosted a USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals class. 25 people attended the 6-hour class, which offered an hour of hands-on training, too!

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter had a fun, unique opportunity to experience shooting in low-light situations and trying different holds and flashlights to find the best combination.

The MidSouth MS Chapter had their monthly T-Time event and even though it was freezing in MS, they still had members brave the elements to come shoot. This mother and daughter had the opportunity to not only run a few pistols but also to get familiar with a brand-new rifle for the 4-H season.

The Space Coast FL Chapter had an awesome time meeting and sharing their chapter with many wonderful women at the Melbourne Gun Show!

The Broward FL Chapter hosted Tatiana Whitlock in a class of Defensive Pistol. Broward, Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach, and Space Coast chapters were represented. The ladies learned a lot and were thinking outside the box in this class.

The Savannah GA Chapter celebrated a Super Sunday event that included some football drills. Everyone scored a touchdown!

The Henderson NV Chapter held a holster clinic. It was a tune up for some members, but several ladies were brand new to holsters. Two will be shooting their first steel challenge match soon and wanted to get dialed in.

The Memphis TN Chapter ladies were excited to get their Conference Catalogs and have their first Conference planning meeting!

The Centennial CO Chapter had a fantastic GNO! There were many new ladies who came to the event. They worked on trigger control with a ‘sweet competition’. There may have been chocolate involved!

The Douglas County NV Chapter hosted a New Shooter Practice Day on the range, which they hold every month. The shooters worked on 7 shooting fundamentals.

The West Suburban IL Chapter celebrated GALentine’s Day with dry-fire practice on the quarterly match targets and drawing SIRT pistols from the holster. Then they shot drills on A Girl & A Gun Candy Hearts Target. #itsmorethanshooting

The Northern CO Chapter participated in Simulation training at a local indoor range with real-life scenarios with CO2 guns and many different situations to shoot or no shoot. Everyone learned a lot and came away with a different perspective on what could happen when someone is shooting back at you.

The Chattahoochee Valley AL Chapter held 2 GNOs in February. They also welcomed 1 new member and Elizabeth Kaufman officially joined our A-Team!

The Space Coast FL Chapter always has a fun time at Breakfast & Bullets! They had breakfast at Cafe Latte Da Range and shot at Indian River County Shooting Range.

The McHenry County IL Chapter had 10 members of the A-Team attend an all-day AR-15 Rifle Foundations class at ACT FAST First Aid & Firearms Training Academy.

The Memphis TN Chapter loves the AG & AG Candy Heart Targets. They used the targets at both of their events in February. They tried their hands at Heart Torture and played Valentine Uno!

The Jacksonville FL Chapter challenged themselves with USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, followed by defensive drills that included shooting from concealment. It was each woman’s first defensive skills class.

AG & AG President & CEO Robyn Sandoval was a guest instructor on Episode 339 of the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast.

Published Articles and Videos

The following content pieces were published in February 2024 (active membership may be required to view some pages):

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