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Favorite Things From SHOT Show Media Day 2014

Today we attended Media Day at the Range.  At this event, invited members of the media get the opportunity to check out first hand, all the new products the vendors are introducing for 2014 as well as existing popular products.

At the start of the morning, we made our way to the Glock tent and shot their two new guns.  First we tested the Glock 41, which is a .45 caliber.  It is built with a G34 slide width on a G21 frame, which makes it lighter.  The longer barrel and slide really helped to reduce the recoil and improved sight radius, which made for a nice experience.

Next we shot the Glock 42, which is the smallest of all the Glocks.  It is a .380 caliber with a very slim design that fits in any size hands.  We were amazed at how smooth it shot and what little recoil it had.  It will definitely be a popular carry gun for women shooters and was Jana’s favorite of the day.  Go check out these two guns as well as the other products Glock offers at

As Tracy and Jana made their way towards the long distance range, there was a center fire rifle that was calling their names.  It was a .338 caliber Savage Lapua.  The vendor told us it looks like a monster but has a small bite.  Was he ever right!  Tracy and Jana both shot 2 rounds each, at 1000 yards, hitting steel targets.  You could even hear the ‘ding’ a few seconds later from way out in the desert!  Find out more about this gun at

Julianna and Jana experienced shooting an AR15 with a very unique stock from Slide Fire, which essentially bump fires a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic.  When you bump fire, your non-shooting hand pulls the rifle forward until the trigger hits your trigger finger and it fires. Then the recoil sends the rifle bouncing back and forth against your trigger finger, causing it to shoot at an accelerated rate.  We shot through 20 rounds of ammo in just seconds!  Check out

Lastly, we finished up our day shooting the new Beretta 1301 Competition.  This shotgun is very unique in that it has a lot of built-in features that make it 3-gun ready.  Included upgrades such as the loading port being opened up, the lifter polished, and an enhanced bolt and bolt release are already included.


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