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Facilitator Spotlight: Heather Reeves

Heather Reeves is the AG & AG Chapter Facilitator of the Portage, MI, Chapter.

When asked her favorite aspect of AG & AG, Heather says, “There are so many. I think my favorite is that our goals as a group transcend all of the social normal boundaries that are out there these days. We are a huge cross-section of diversity that is really unmatched by any other group or cause that I have been involved with.”

Heather is a NRA certified instructor in a wide variety of platforms and courses, MCRGO certified instructor (MI specific), and Rangemaster Certified Instructor.

She says that her most notable professional achievement was earning Top Gun in her Rangemaster course. She says, it “still gives me butterflies because it caught me completely off guard.”

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  1. Congratulations Heather!! Thank you Robin for posting this!! Heather is truly an Amazing Woman, instructor, mentor, leader and friend:). I’m proud to be AGAG member of her chapter in Portage MI :)

    Stephanie McNamara

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