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Facilitator Spotlight: Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott is the AG & AG Chapter Facilitator of the League City TX Chapter, which is located in the Houston metropolitan area.

When asked her favorite aspect of being a part of A Girl & A Gun, Cindy says, “There are so many benefits, but my favorite is watching ladies blossom into shooters and develop confidence and a love for shooting.”

In addition to training at AG & AG National Conference and additional classes under many notable instructors, Cindy has earned the following professional credentials: NRA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Instructor, AG & AG Certified Instructor, Rangemaster Advanced Instructor, Massad Ayoob Deadly Force Instructor, DTI Instructor, Texas License To Carry Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA CCW Instructor & Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer and Level I Operator, and Chuck Haggard Pepper Spray Instructor (Non-LEO).

Cindy says her most notable professional achievement was “becoming a A Girl & A Gun Facilitator.” She says, “I felt a huge responsibility to take as many classes as possible so I can offer the best programming and events for my ladies.  With the support of my awesome A-Team, I feel we do.”

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