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Essentials of a Productive Training Day

New shooters often go to the range with multiple firearms and no plan of action.  Sending hundreds of rounds down range with no measurable way to evaluate their success or failure.  Success is often measured by blowing a hole through the center of target.  This is an expensive and non-productive way to spend the day. To ensure a productive training day at the range, start by organizing your essentials:

  • Choose the firearm platform you’ll be working on.
  • Gather ammunition and magazines.
  • Bring your belt and holster if applicable.
  • Don’t forget targets, eye, and ear protection.
  • Prepare a list of drills.
  • Invest in a shot timer for accurate training data.

Having a shot timer is crucial for effective training, offering concrete information for your journal. Plan your drills ahead of time; it’s like having a roadmap for your training session. Use online resources for free downloadable targets and make efficient use of your time. Grab a shot timer in the AG & AG Pro Shop.

For concealed carry owners, the Dot Torture Drill is essential. It challenges accuracy and can be adapted based on your skill level. Adam Winch of Defenders USA says, “Dot Torture a great way to assess where anyone is on shooting fundamentals, which is good for the average person who owns a gun or carries daily to test several times a year.” He further states, “It gives a solid accuracy standard to strive for.” Dot Torture only requires 50 rounds of ammunition to complete, and you can do it on the AG & AG Independence Dot Torture Target.

The Bill drill focuses on speed, helping identify where accuracy starts to decline. Use the AG & AG Silhouette Target at 7 yards. Start with your hands at your sides. At the start signal, draw and fire 6 accurate shots to light blue rectangle as fast as possible. Your goal should be 6 accurate shots in under 4 seconds.

The FBI Qualification covers various skills in just 60 rounds. It is a marksmanship test that plain-clothes FBI agents must pass annually. It is considered a national standard, so all AG & AG Chapter Facilitators are required to score 90 or above to pass. The AG & AG FBI Qual Target includes a gray background and slightly thicker outline so that the target is a little more easily visible at 25 yards.

Finally, create a logbook to document drills, times, firearm used, and any relevant comments. This objective information allows you to track progress over time. Remember, effective training doesn’t demand excessive rounds or hours; it’s about making the most of your time and resources. Train smarter, not longer, and always conclude on a positive note.

What are your preferred firearm training drills?

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