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Essential Oils for Athletic Performance

By Suzanne Cox

In 2006 I suffered a severe back injury that could have left me paralyzed. It took a year of rehab to recover, but I walked, then ran, and then decided to be one of those crazy people who love distance races. In 2007 I participated in my first triathlon and did everything from a 5k to a Half Ironman. My running came to a screeching halt, however, in 2013 when I broke my foot. For 4 years I found myself on the sidelines. One simple changed turned it all around: I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. When I competed in my first post-injury race, it was in the rain with flooded streets and I still came within one minute of my personal record.

My experience was that essential oils and good supplements boost athletic performance, regardless of our sport. I had the privilege of attending the AG & AG Brownells Multigun Fall Festival in October. I shared information and put oils on many competitors to help reenergize exhausted bodies. Essential oils regenerate our bodies at a cellular level, so while we are breaking our bodies down, we are simultaneously helping them generate healthy cells. Essential oils boost your body’s immune support, soothe achy muscles, and provide antimicrobial healing. Using certain blends can help your body and mind by promoting clarity and focus. Essential oils can also be a non-toxic solution to cleaning stinky gear!

Young Living oils are my favorite because of their “Seed to Seal” process that includes rigorous quality control steps. The quality of the essential oils and products is carefully controlled and insured from the planting and growth stages right through to when the product is packaged. Young Living supplements are infused with Essential Oils that are naturally absorbed by our bodies. Supplements that don’t contain essential oils have an absorption rate of 42% in 24 hours. With Young Living supplements, the blood absorption rate is 64% within 30 minutes, and 86% in 1 hour.

Until I was introduced to Young Living supplements, I was unable to find one that I believed would benefit my body. Now I take a lot of them; in fact I probably order more supplements than I do essential oils on a monthly basis. They are phenomenal and have radically improved my athletic performance. For distance running I am faster than before, and I never have muscle soreness, cramps, stomach issues, or jitters. The incorporation of essential oils into my training has been life changing.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Young Living Products for Athletic Performance:
• Ningxia Red – Full Body Nutrition Drink.
• Nitro – Energy Shot with Natural Caffeine and no jitters.
• PowerGize – Boosts Stamina, supports muscles, helps with clarity.
• Sulfurzyme – Maintains structure of proteins, preserves the molecular framework of connective tissue. This supplement is mind-blowing for everybody.
• AgilEase – Helps joint health and inflammation, and protects cartilage and joints.
• Super Cal Plus – Supports Bone Density. Synergistic blend of bioavailable calcium and magnesium.
• Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream – Best pain cream on the market (for arthritis, broken/sprained bones, bruises).
• Copaiba essential oil
• Peppermint essential oil
• RC, Raven, and Breathe Again oil blends

Essential oils for athletes are powerful, useful tools. No matter your sport, expertise, or skill level, there is an essential oil for you.

Disclaimer: This is Suzanne’s opinion as supported by her own experiences and other testimonials that have been published. She is not a medical, legal, or educational professional. The content on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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  1. I too have experienced the many health benefits of essential oils and supplements and recommend them as a way to help boost athletic performance. Essential oils are also very beneficial for the brain, as certain oils high in constituents called sesquiterpenes have the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier. Essential oils can help with focus and concentration, which is important when shooting and participating in shooting activities. Good article- thanks for posting.

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