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Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts Helps You Welcome in Spring

Even though it appears the groundhog meant that we would have more than one round of “six more weeks of winter,” there is hope on the horizon. We know it will eventually warm up for more than one day at a time. And once the weather warms up, we sometimes need to change how we carry because we change how we dress. And there’s nothing a girl loves more than options.

One of those options for carrying under a longer skirt or sundress is the Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts. I initially had a few concerns. Would the fabric be heavy and hot, feeling like a girdle? Would the trigger be safely covered in a fabric holster? I’m happy to say I can answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second.

Made out of Lycra, the fabric is so lightweight and comfortable that it is a a pleasure to wear. It doesn’t feel at all like a girdle at all. I mostly test holsters while sitting as I have a desk job. I want to see if it feels good after hours in a sitting position. I was pleasantly surprised to find the shorts feel so good that you can forget you have them on. Even just sitting around home in the recliner I was quite comfortable.

The holster has a built-in trigger guard that protects from accidentally pulling the trigger, so that worry was also abated. Your gun is securely held in place with a velcro retention strap.

Designed for micro compact handguns such as the LCP, Glock 42 or 43, Sigs P238 or P938, the holster shorts work well even for smaller, shorter women. Your skin is protected by the holster so the gun won’t rub a sore spot on you.

As with any holster, you should thoroughly practice drawing from it until you are proficient.

The Dene Adams Body Shaping Thigh Holster Shorts are cool and comfortable in warm weather while securely and safely holding your small handgun. At $69.99 Dene Adams has provided another excellent option to carry under your skirt or dress in the upcoming (I promise) warmer weather.

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