December 2020 Recap

December 2020 Recap

December marked a fantastic end of 2020 for A Girl & A Gun! We gained new members, new chapters, new host ranges, new gun owners, and new sponsors! Here are our highlights for December and 2020:

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19,000 Women Shooters!

In 2020, A Girl & A Gun hosted 1,881 training events nationwide with more than 19,000 women shooters! #WhatPandemic?!

  • 4,186 new membership packets were mailed from HQ
  • 29 new chapters were opened in 2020!
  • 641 Shooting Journals were shipped and 4,165 downloaded

Who are these women? In July 2020 A Girl & A Gun conducted a survey of more than 6,000 members. Results showed that 43% of women joined AG & AG to practice self-defense skills, and 92% were in the process of obtaining or already have acquired their concealed or open carry permits. 40% of respondents had been involved in firearms training for less than 1 year, and more than half involved for 5 years or less. Of the new gun owners, more than half (52%) did not grow up with firearms in the home. Some had firearms in the home but didn’t shoot (33%), and some had not shot a gun since they were children (15%).

Virtual Training: Leading Edge

In 2020, AG & AG was the leader in the women’s training community in virtual training opportunities. Our team quickly capitalized on our strengths and created:

  • National Training Conference. While other conferences were cancelling, AG & AG went online! In addition to on-demand training sessions featuring the nation’s top firearms educators, we were able to highlight sponsors in livestreamed, informative, and interactive discussions.
  • AG & AG Training Library. We launched a series of online training courses to provide continuing education to our leadership teams. Chapter Facilitators and their assistants can earn certificates in several courses, which include watching instructional videos, uploading shooting videos, and participating in livestreamed teach-back sessions.
  • Girls Nights Out. Since August, we have hosted 10 virtual, livestreamed training events for our members nationwide. Each presentation had more than 800 views by AG & AG members. The program has been so successful that it will continue in 2021.
  • Training Articles. We posted 112 articles, how-to explanations, and introductory videos on our website in 2020!

Our virtual programs have been crucial for the influx of new gun owners seeking training, as well as experienced shooters who have been unable to train at their local ranges.

We Made a Difference!

A Girl & A Gun gave back to several meaningful individuals and organizations in 2020:

  • Back the Women in Blue. We hosted a 3-day training course, with all expenses paid, for 12 law enforcement officers from 8 states.
  • DC Project. We participated in several Second Amendment advocacy meetings, conferences, and discussions.
  • Charitable Giving. Many of our chapters gathered donations for women’s shelters and other worthy charities. As a national organization, we donated to pediatric cancer foundations and domestic violence prevention campaigns.

In addition to these efforts, we are looking forward to adding these impactful events to our 2021 calendar:

  • National Train the Teacher Day. We will be providing firearms training to all teachers who want to learn gun safety.
  • Honored American Veterans Afield. COVID-19 caused the HAVA Family Day to be cancelled, but we hope to be back on the range in 2021 with the brave veterans and their families.
  • Legally Armed in Detroit Women’s Shooting Event. AG & AG Instructors are going to train at the 9th Annual event that trains 2,000 women in 2 days.

A Look Ahead: 2021

In 2021, we are looking forward to these national events:

  • National Conference at Cameo Education and Shooting Complex in April 2021 in Grand Junction, CO
  • Fall Festival Multigun Challenge and Team Pistol Challenge in October 2021 at Lucas Range in Cross Timbers, MO
  • Women’s Clays Championship at Powder Creek Shooting Park in August 2021 in Lenexa, KS
  • Back the Women in Blue at the Round Rock Police Department Public Safety Training Center in September 2021 in Round Rock, TX
  • Armorer and Operator courses in February and August 2021 at GLOCK Professional in Smyrna, GA
  • 3-Gun University 2.0 at the He-Man 3-Gun Match in May at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM
  • Upland Adventure Pheasant Hunts in December at Upland Inn Hunts in Greensburg, KS
  • Virtual Girls Nights Out that take place every month, 2x/month online from any data or wifi device!
  • Chapter Meetings that will take place every day at more than 200 ranges across the country!

By the Numbers

  • In December 2020, A Girl & A Gun hosted more than 133 events with more than 1,630 participants.
  • We mailed 306 new membership packets from HQ.
  • We opened 3 new chapters in November: Pocono, PA, Northern CO, and Corpus Christi, TX

In the News

Here is where you saw A Girl & A Gun in December:

Robyn Sandoval was a co-host on several episodes of the Polite Society Podcast Powered by the Second Amendment Foundation.

Robyn Sandoval was a guest instructor on Self Defense Gun Stories Episode 218 on the Self Defense Radio Network.

Tatiana Whitlock was a guest on the Armed Society Podcast on the Self Defense Radio Network.

Tatiana Whitlock is an instructor on Trigger Time TV on the Pursuit Channel.

Sharable Articles

In December 2020, A Girl & A Gun published the following articles:

About A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is a membership organization whose events are successful stepping stones for thousands of women entering the shooting community by fostering their love of shooting with caring and qualified instructors who coach them. AG & AG breaks barriers for women and girls in self-defense, and in pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting sports by welcoming beginners to learn the basics of safe and accurate shooting and providing experienced shooters with advanced-level opportunities. The club has members in all 50 states and hosts recurring Girl’s Nights Out at more than 200 ranges throughout the United States.

For more information about A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, or to learn how to join, please visit AGirlandAGun.org. Follow AG & AG on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest for social media and corporate news.

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