The D.C. Project is a nonpartisan initiative to encourage women to establish relationships with their legislators, and reveal the faces and stories of firearms owners and 2nd Amendment supporters.


Each year the DC Project hosts a rally near the U.S. Capitol to address the rising demographic of female gun ownership; the value of the 2nd Amendment in today’s society; and the importance of the preservation of America’s gun culture, from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense.

Next Rally: June 22, 2018

Get Involved

Step 1: Contact Your Legislators

Call or email your Senators and Representatives and request a meeting. Adrianna Eschete (Louisiana) suggests: In scheduling meetings with legislators, requesting a meeting with legislative assistants was a more promising approach. When meeting with these assistants, a business card was always offered with a direct email address to that particular person so that open communication can be established, rather than the general contact information provided on the legislator’s website.

Most offices have a staff member dedicated to 2A issues. Lara Smith (California) met with staffers in an office that is strongly opposed to 2A rights and the meeting was overwhelmingly positive. Lara offered to be a resource for information about guns and the staffer was grateful. The staffer told Lara, “I wish I had known you two weeks ago. I spent all day researching a question and you could have probably given me the answer in a 5-minute call.”

Step 2: Share Your Story

Briefly tell your legislator why you value your 2nd Amendment rights. If there are specific federal or state issues being discussed, offer your opinion.

If your legislator will not meet with you, tell his/her staff that you would it to be recorded that a constituent called/visited about this issue.

Step 3: Join Us in DC

If you’re a woman gun owner, who would like to represent your state in DC, contact us to learn more.

The 50 Women

These women travel to Washington DC and are a resource for women throughout the country to continue the important work at home.

  • AL~ Beth Alcazar
  • AK~ Elizabeth Pearch
  • AZ~ Cheryl Todd
  • AR~ Allison Launius
  • CA~ Lara Smith, Julie Waasted, Gina Roberts
  • CO~ Kimberly Corban
  • CT~ Brooke Cheney, Holly Sullivan
  • DE~ You?
  • DC ~ Amanda Johnson
  • FL~ Anniston Baluyot, Barbara Rumpel
  • GA~ Katrina Reed, Christi Connor Tate
  • HI~ You?
  • ID~ Autumn Parkin
  • IL~ Lori Ann Blackwell
  • IN~ Beth Walker
  • IA~ Jeanelle Westrom
  • KS~ Corinne Mosher
  • KY~ Deb DeSpain, Megan Hogan
  • LA~ Adrianna Eschete
  • ME~ You?
  • MD~ Rebecca King
  • MA~ You?
  • MI~ Jennifer Wyatt
  • MN~ Tiffany & Dakota Overland
  • MS~ Kim Condon
  • MO~ Suzi Huntington
  • MT~ You?
  • NE~ Lori & Samantha Armstrong
  • NV~ You?
  • NH~ You?
  • NJ~ Robin Wright
  • NM~ You?
  • NY~ Lauren Hartnett
  • NC~ Tina Martin-Nims, Heather Miller
  • ND~ You?
  • OH~ Amanda Suffecool
  • OK~ Dianna Muller
  • OR~ Caitlin Hawkins
  • PA~ Kelly Ann Pidgeon
  • RI~ You?
  • SC~ Amy Dillon
  • SD~ You?
  • TN~ Nikki Goeser, Merry Stewart
  • TX~ Robyn Sandoval, Gabby Franco
  • UT~ Sarah Weller
  • VT~ You?
  • VA~ Megan Boland, Mia Farinelli
  • WA~ Katy Brown, Susan Hansen
  • WV~ Lynne Russell
  • WI~ Kelly Welke
  • WY~ April Strong

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