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Coronavirus: Statement on Returning to the Range

At A Girl & A Gun, the health and safety of our members and leadership is our top priority. Many ranges are open as essential businesses and able to serve our community. To ensure your safety we have implemented new guidelines to provide you a safe AG & AG experience.

As this is an evolving situation, we continue to monitor this situation real-time to ensure all proper precautions are being taken so you can feel safe returning to the range.

Reduced Event Size
Each chapter and range will set up events according to the facilities available. In planning upcoming AG & AG events, Facilitators will consider:  

  • Capacity limitations of the range
  • Possibility for members to shoot in shifts
  • Availability of additional event dates
  • Necessity of pre-paid RSVPs to guarantee slots 

Chapter Facilitators will communicate with members through email, Facebook group, and/or or TeamApp about upcoming events and specific safety protocols that will be required.

Adjusted Policies
Our policies acknowledge that your participation in AG & AG events is welcomed as long as you are safe. This includes being free from fever or other health symptoms and observing social distancing protocols. Our waiver has been amended to address that participants understand the hazards of coronavirus and fully assume the risks of participating in events.

Hands-Off Corrections
For your safety, our instructors and safety officers will coach you on your shooting fundamentals and form using verbal cues and demonstration, instead of using hands-on corrections.

Equipment Usage and Class Modifications
To ensure your safety, we will be limiting our equipment and/or staging it for you before events. If provided, loaner guns will be set-up at designated shooting stations, and left in place for our team to collect and sanitize after events. You will be required to have your own eye and ear protection, unless otherwise offered by the range. 

Sanitization Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Wash your hands when you arrive at the range, in addition to before you leave the range. Bring your own hand sanitizer and LeadOff wipes, if you need them. Bring your own pen in case you need to sign waivers or want to take notes in your journal. 

Your local government mandates or range requirements may prohibit the use of a facemask. Consult with your chapter Facilitator, range manager, and/or local officials to find out guidelines for your facilities.

We appreciate your trust as we adapt to this evolving situation. A Girl & A Gun is strictly following the CDC’s recommendations, and we are moving quickly and purposefully to adjust operations to keep our members safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

We look forward to seeing you at the range again soon!

Julianna Crowder, Founder
Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director

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