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CoolFire Trainer

The CoolFire Trainer system has gotten a lot of attention for its ability to simulate live-fire with your personal firearm.

The system replaces the barrel and recoil spring of your pistol with the CoolFire system. The air barrel fills with CO2, so that when you press the trigger, air causes the slide to cycle to simulate live-fire.

The CoolFire allows you to train inexpensively because the CO2 tank lasts for thousands of rounds and eliminates the need for ammunition or range fees. The biggest advantage to this product is that you are training with your actual firearm and not a training model.

Corinne Mosher first gave it this introduction at SHOT Show:

Then Mike Seeklander gave CoolFire a rave review at NRAAM:

Order CoolFire training system today! AG & AG members get a free 90 gram disposable CO2 canister with your order!

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  1. I love this! Brings dry fire training to a new level. And paired up with the MantixX…amazing! Took this to our GNO, let the ladies use it as well as the range staff…everyone was absolutely amazed. There may be a few orders coming in for the CoolFire! – Patti, Statleine NM AG&AG Chapter

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