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Confirming Caliber

Accidentally loading the wrong caliber into your gun can be very dangerous. Best-case scenario is that it won’t load properly; worst-case scenario is that the gun will explode and cause serious injυry. When you bring multiple gυns to the range or when you’re sharing a lane with a friend, loading your magazine with the wrong ammο can happen, so confirm your caliber.

There are three places you can check to be sure that the bullet you’re loading is the right one for the pistol. Caliber information is on the original box of ammunition, on the headstamp (bottom) of the bullet casing, and on the slide (or sometimes magazine, depending on the brand) of the fιrearm itself. Loading and firing the wrong caliber bullet into your handgυn can be dangerous. Triple-check the caliber to be sure!

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  1. Great reminder to double check before loading your magazine into your firearm. Especially if you’re working with different calibers.

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