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Conference Wrap Up

The first annual training conference for A Girl and A Gun was AMAZING. The attendees came with open minds and the instructors came with plenty of knowledge. We had women in their teens to their 70’s participating. The goal of the conference was to introduce women into a professional course environment and give them a sample of all the wonderful opportunities there are to train at any level they desire. That goal was met! For some it was overwhelming at times, but I know with 100% confidence that any of these ladies can sign up for a course, will know what to expect, be prepared to walk into a class where they might be the only female participant… and be just fine.

We didn’t ignore the softer side of being a woman who just happens to enjoy shooting. We embraced it! So many times to be a female in the shooting industry means you have to carry a “man card”, but at conference we left those in our wallets. We shared our stories, failures, fears, inspirational moments and our successes. The weekend was full of giggles and tears, but never lacking in support of one another in the tasks we were undertaking.

We are so thankful to our speakers: Joyce Wilson Executive Director of IDPA, Vicky Kawelmacher of the Women’s Shooting Academy, Michele Byington Principle Attorney with Texas Law Shield, and Mary Ellis our Sherman Facilitator.

The instructor roster was a dream come true! Each one brought their own style and methods which gave the attendees an opportunity to figure out which style worked best for them. The reason that is so important is now they can spend their training dollars wisely as they continue on their path. A very special thanks to our instructors:

Kathy Jackson, The Cornered Cat
Vicky Kawelmacher, The Women’s Shooting Academy
Jennie VanTuyl, Rivendell Sales
Nikki Turpeaux, Archangle Tactical
Annette Evans, Competitive Shooter
Tamara Shelly, All Around Badass…no further comments needed
Auristela Moctezuma, Stellar Tactical
Tracy Hughes, Highlander Readiness/Brilliant Backstraps
Jeremy White, Asset Shield, LTD (United Kingdom)
Caleb Causey, Lonestar Medics
Lisa Looper, Flashbang Holsters
Rhonda Eskavo, Texas State Rifle Association
Katie Ferraro-Creigh & Cindy Love, Single Action Shooting Society
J.J. Schroeder, Brownells
Kitty Richards, IDPA TIGER Team

This weekend would not have been possible without our Rangemaster Jeremy Stillman with and the husbands that set up all the props and equipment, and kept our instructors supplied with what they needed.  Carole Mulrooney did a wonderful job of organizing this event on the ground and we appreciate all her sleepness nights!

Vicky Kawelmacher talked to us about the value of our time and challenged us to make the most of our weekend together, and then make the most of our time when we get home because time waits for no one. The bonds of sisterhood were made stronger and we really did enjoy our time together.

We can’t thank our sponsors and vendors enough for supporting this event and trusting us to do right by them.

From your Board of Directors of AG & AG… we love you all and can’t wait to see you next year.  Planning has already begun.  We learned so much from our attendees and wll be able to address their needs even better in 2014!

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