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The Comfort Cling Holster Is Truly Comfortable and Versatile

I’m always looking at holster options. I used to think I would just use one holster for life and that would be it. Silly me. There are a million reasons to use different holster options. The clothing I’m wearing that day, if it’s sunny and hot or cool and rainy, whether I’ve gained weight or lost weight (yeah, right), or even just my mood that day.

One of the more versatile holster options is the Comfort Cling Holster from Clinger Holster. It’s made out of a very comfortable material that grips yet just feels smooth and soft, yet it protects your skin from any sharper parts of your handgun. The holster covers the barrel and trigger, leaving the grip exposed for grasping.

You just put your handgun in it and stick it inside the waistband of your pants or even a skirt. No belt required. The pressure and friction of the waistband holds it in place, so obviously the tighter the waistband the better. A really loose waistband like your favorite pair of really-well-broken-in sweats may not work very well.

One thing I noticed when I would take it off is that the holster also stuck a bit to my skin where it touched, but not in an uncomfortable or even noticeable way. I couldn’t tell at all until I went to remove it. And it didn’t hurt to remove it, it was really more just an observation. It was actually a comfort to me simply because that gives it even more grip to the holster without any kind of uncomfortable feeling.

The holster and firearm can easily be removed and placed in my gun safe in my car if I have to go into a building where I’m not allowed to carry. Then quickly taken back out of the safe and placed back on my body as soon as I can. I really like that simply because it’s fast and easy and I never have to remove my gun from the holster to move it to the safe and back.

The Comfort Cling Holster only costs $19.99 which is a great deal for a versatile, useful, and comfortable holster.

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