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Combat Triad

Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper (May 10, 1920 – September 25, 2006) developed many of the techniques and philosophies that we utilize on a daily basis. He inspired our 4 Gun Safety Rules, the color codes that we use for situational awareness, and other concepts, including the Combat Triad.

Cooper’s Combat Triad is illustrated by an equilateral triangle with each side having a specific meaning: Mindset, Marksmanship, and Gun Handling. While the terms have been tweaked over the years, the point is the same: surviving a gunfight requires equally Knowledge, Skills, and Mindset.

Mindset is critical. While you train the physical skills with your firearm to prepare for defensive scenarios, you must also train your mind to be in operational readiness mode. This mindset allows you to maintain a friendly demeanor while preparing yourself for a fιght. It is also the ability to calmly manage a crisis and react to a stressful situation. It helps you analyze a situation, think correctly in the use of deadly force and respond to deadly force.

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