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Cold War Concealment’s Fayetteville Chapter Visit

By Dani Durante, Facilitator

This month, the Fayetteville, NC Chapter was pleased to welcome Clif Messick from Cold War Concealment to our Breakfast and Bullets event to demonstrate his holsters and magazine pouches. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your firearm. Cold War Concealment is an American made product from a veteran owned business, made from the highest quality of USA materials.

The Fayetteville Chapter is always happy to welcome a veteran owned business since we are home to the Fort Bragg military installation. The ladies at the event had the opportunity to learn about how the products are made and how to customize the holsters to suit individual fitment needs. Having a small frame, I constantly struggle to properly conceal my pistol. I prefer not to purse carry, for fear of someone grabbing my purse. My current holster I’m not completely satisfied with because I don’t get a proper grip the first time when I go to draw my pistol and my grip ends up printing. I tried two of the Cold War Concealment holsters and found that I could get a proper grip the first time I went to draw. Clif also showed us an accessory you can attach to the holster they call the mod attachment. This attachment allows the grip to lay nice and tight to your body. It was pretty funny watching the ladies faces light up as they saw how my pistol disappeared from under my shirt when I switched to the holster with the mod.

The other exciting accessory they have available for those yoga pant earing ladies is their clip that doesn’t require you to wear a belt. I may not wear yoga pants, but I love my skorts in the summer and they don’t all have belt loops. The clip is sleek and has the perfect edge that will hook onto your waistband, preventing the holster from coming out when you draw. I wasn’t the only one impressed with their holsters, here are some comments from my ladies that attended.

“I really enjoyed the ability to put my hands on these holsters and test them prior to purchasing them. Cold War Concealment holsters fit so much better and were much more comfortable than what I’ve been able to find in stores. I’ve been very hesitant on purchasing a holster online, but I will definitely become one of his customers. The magazine pouches were also a great design and very versatile.” explained Misty J.

“I’ve always struggled with being able to carry concealed on my body due to my more curvy body shape. I have mainly carried in my purse due to me not being able to find a concealment holster that is comfortable for me to wear. Being able to try on the Cold War Concealment holsters in person with my firearm was what I needed to do. I am a jean/range/comfy pants type of girl, but I despise wearing belts and don’t unless I have to. The option of having the steel concealment clip that will attach to my pants without using a belt is awesome and it works!!! These clips can also be attached to the magazine carriers! The Multi-Mag magazine carrier can be easily adjusted to your specific magazine with the included tool. Love this! I’m looking forward to using this holster and mag carrier soon!” says Cindi D.

After a fun morning of testing out the Cold War Concealment holsters, we were all very satisfied with the product. It is very adaptable to the needs of women and the price is reasonable. Since Cold War Concealment is a vendor partner of A Girl & A Gun, members received 15% off their purchase!

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