Friendly and Certified Firearms Training for Women Since 2011

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

Many things have changed over the past ten years. We have more quality holster options and firearms for women than ever before. AG & AG hosts more events at more ranges than ever before. And our 3-Gun Shield Logo represents our league today, whereas ten years ago, we had a simple, classic art deco logo.

On the other hand, many aspects of AG & AG remain the same. Women still join A Girl & A Gun to find companionship among women and learn a vital life skill. We have the highest standards of safety and quality leadership. We respect and welcome all women and will meet you where you are at and help you reach the goals of where you want to be. We believe that education and communication are key to keeping our 2A rights. And we continue to support our ranges and retailers so our industry is strong.

To celebrate our 10-year milestone, we’ve brought back our art deco design in a new, updated way! Celebrate the success of our sisterhood with our beautiful silver and gold anniversary logo on some of our favorite items:

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