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Facilitator: Bobie Miller
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I am a mother of 4, grandma of 1. My Dad and Mom taught me gun safety from a very young age and I have done the same with my own. As a child and young adult I enjoined hunting and shooting with family and friends, but 3 years ago my shooting path took a turn when my youngest son asked to start shooting competitively. I ended up starting a SASP team, and now I'm a NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA/USA/SASP Coach, SASP Wyoming State Advisor, a Director & Range Officer at the HMR&G Club, Head Coach of Regulators - Cody Steel Shooters, started/director of a annual NRA YHEC local event. The best part of being an Instructor has been mentoring my son, who went from NRA junior Coach and NRA apprentice instructor to now having Adult certification.

I brought AG & AG to my corner of Wyoming to link my passions together of teaching firearms safety and being a part of a network of women that make a positive impact on women's lives at home and in the work place.

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