Facilitator: Susan Mock
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Having been raised in a hunting family, shotgun shooting is a familiar firearm and one of which I am quite comfortable. Many memories and life lessons have been gained both on the trap field and in the corn field.

Rifles and handguns, on the other hand, were instruments of curiosity. When the opportunity came for me to be an “also ran” for a pistol instructor candidate with two law enforcement officers, I jumped at the chance to finally receive real education and training. It’s quite common for a woman to be a better shot than a man simply because women tend to take training more seriously. While I took my education seriously, I was anything BUT a good shot. The best I could claim in that first class is that I didn’t muzzle anyone.

Today, my skills and confidence with all three firearm types are building. My passion is to share this knowledge with other women and help build their skills and confidence. Women face challenges that only another woman can understand. It is a blessing for me to facilitate the education, training, and empowerment of women.

• USCCA Certified Instructor
o Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals
o Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
• NRA Certified Instructor
o Basics of Pistol Shooting
o Basics of Shotgun Shooting
o Basics of Rifle Shooting
o Basics of Personal Protection In the Home
o Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home
o Home Firearm Safety
o Chief Range Safety Officer
• Oklahoma Self-Defense Act Certified Firearms Instructor
• 30-Year Marketing Education Instructor
• Master Teacher of Personal Financial Literacy

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