Facilitator: Lisa Ludwig
(631) 517-3047

Lisa Ludwig grew up on Long Island, NY and wasn't exposed to firearms until a little over 2 decades ago, on 9/11. She was worried the world was changing quickly, and either you were prepared, or you weren't. She decided to be prepared.

Lisa is also an avid martial artist as well as a gun slinger. She believes in practical self defense for the every day woman that actually works. She trains her clientele is the most practical, easy to use self defense for anyone to be effective with. But self defense can only take you so far. This is where being proficient with your firearm comes in.

Lisa is a NRA Instructor certified in Rifle & Pistol, as well as a Chief Range Safety Officer, Stop the Bleed certified, Chapter Leader & Certified Trainer for A Girl and a Gun Shooting League, and is a Glock certified Armorer. She also owns a private gun club called Long Island Women's Firearm Club, and a private firearms training company called She Trains You, Inc.

When she isnt shooting, she is loving her fur babies and partner, and enjoy living on Long Island, NY.

She is always here to assist. Please reach out!

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