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Facilitator: Patti Emmerling
(254) 493-2455

Patti is a Veteran, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, with over 10 years of service as an Army Medic, Navy Hospital Corpsman, and Surgical Technician/EMT. She is also a veteran Firefighter, EMT, HazMat Technician, 911 Dispatcher, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and Instructor. After relocating to the CA Central Coast, Patti became a licensed Real Estate Broker and worked for several years in real estate. After another relocation, this time to Texas, Patti continued to work as a Real Estate Broker before retiring.

In 2008, Patti obtained her Texas CCL and began learning more about firearms, how to carry concealed, and defensive firearms. She attended an NRA Defensive Pistol class in Liberty Hill, instructed by Julianna Crowder.

♡ In her own words…
After joining AG & AG, I honestly learned that while practice is important, there is so much more than shooting ammo at a static paper target! I learned to train with a purpose, to keep a training log (AG & AG has one available for members), and so much more! Before AG & AG, I spent a lot of time “wasting” ammo…just shooting at a target and hoping to hit the “bullseye.” I knew basic safety, and knew the basics of handling a firearm, but I truly did not know many of the mechanics of shooting. It was through AG & AG that I learned more than I had ever imagined. But this was not all…AG & AG has opened many doors and windows! The opportunities that are available are truly too many to list, but most importantly, these opportunities help women grow, help women learn and gain confidence, not only in firearms training, but in many other areas of our lives. I have spent my life in careers that are predominately men, so I have always been “one of the guys” or “one of the crew.” With AG & AG, I am one of the fabulous women! I am team member, a supporter, an encourager, a cheerleader, a teacher, a coach, a wife, a friend…

I train with a purpose, I am a dry-fire-queen, I am accurate, I am confident, I am constantly learning, I am sharing, I am helping other women (and men), and I am having fun!

I hope you will be part of this wonderful organization. I hope you will be part of this fabulous team!

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