Tina Martin Nims

Facilitator: Tina Martin Nims
(850) 264-9375

Tina Martin-Nims is a sponsored 3 Gun and USPSA competitor, and the Winner of Ammo and Attitude Season 6 ALL STARS. She is the owner of Shield Maiden Defense, Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor for the state of North Carolina, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and Facilitator for the AG & AG Jacksonville, NC chapter. Tina is a published botanist, former ecologist for the State of Florida, and outdoorswoman, who has embarked on such adventures as hiking the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica and camping throughout the United States, Tina has developed a passion for the flora and fauna of the outdoor world and the skills required to survive in all environments. She is also a military spouse of U.S. Marine and a mother of three children.

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