LuAnn Moyer

Facilitator: LuAnn Moyer
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I discovered AG & AG when I met Stephanie Ollikainen in Melbourne. She invited me to the first GNO and I was hooked! My father was LEO, so I was raised to respect guns. Firearm safety, rules and maintenance were second nature. When I was a young wife and mother time and finances were limited. Then I moved across country and finances were even more limited. Purchasing firearms and visits to the range became distant memories.

Our kids are grown with children of their own. My husband and I have more free time. That long neglected passion for shooting has been rekindled! As I have reawakened that passion I have discovered new ones. I don't just love shooting, I love learning and I love teaching! Since I attended that first GNO I've become certified an NRA Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and Refuse to be a Victim Instructor.

I attended AG & AG Conference this year and have already registered for next year. It was one of the most uplifting, validating encouraging experiences I've ever had.

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