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Greetings; my name is Keri Carpenter, and I am the newest facilitator for A GIRL AND A GUN, NORTHWEST FL. My background is in Public Service, having spent 20 years working as a law enforcement officer. During my 20 years, I trained hard to become a tactical officer. My goal was to be respected by my peers through hard work and earn the respect of the community I served. With hard work and training, I became the second female in the State of Florida selected for a SWAT team representing Escambia County. As I learned, I struggled to convert the language of firearms instructors into a language I could use and understand. As time progressed, my experiences taught me most instructors were repeating the same worn-out information they had heard regardless of their audience. Once I identified this, I was determined not to be that instructor. This experience led me to seek advanced certifications in firearms training and other subjects relevant to my career. These opportunities led to my recruitment as a contract trainer for the Department of Justice and Department of Defense. Additionally, this position allowed me to travel the world learning and teaching. In 2016, I opened my own training company, Sight N LLC, focusing on introducing women to firearms, self-defense, situational awareness, and other topics taught in a positive environment. An environment using language better suited to new shooters, especially women, an environment that is not overwhelming or stress filled, where egos have no place, and students are encouraged to engage in their own experience. In 2021, I retired from Public Service to invest in my training company. Shortly after, a student, Becky Wilkens, approached me and asked me to get involved with A Girl and a Gun. I accepted. I appreciate this opportunity to be the newest facilitator for A Girl and A GUN, Northwest Florida, and to bring Becky along as a member of my A-Team.

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