Facilitator: Gabby Marra
(475) 209-2545

Like a lot of girls, Gabby got her start when an ex-boyfriend took her to the gun range. She was nearly an instant addict to the thrill of shooting…not to mention, the precision aspect pleased her OCD-tendencies. When that relationship ended, she found herself in a position all too familiar to a lot of new female shooters, wanting to go to the range (already having purchased several pistols), but not wanting to go alone. Enter A Girl & A Gun. After seeing a flyer for AG&AG at a gun store, she attended one of their range days and immediately fell in love with the sisterhood and became a member.

As her skills progressed, her habitual need to help out was brought to the forefront and it didn't take long before she was assisting the facilitator with event coordination. In 2018, when the chapter was in need of a new facilitator, she answered the call and has been the facilitator ever since. She is now an enthusiastic 2A advocate and loves empowering other women shooters.

Gabby is a proud MAG40 Graduate (high lady, at that!) and holds a number of certifications, including but not limited to, Certified A Girl & A Gun Trainer, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, Stop The Bleed, CPR, and the FBI Qualification Course of Fire. When she’s not shooting, she can be found line dancing, pole dancing, hanging with her cats, or eating a pizza at one of New Haven’s finest pizza establishments.

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