Lara Smith

Facilitator: Lara Smith
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I am a mom, a wife to a prior-service U.S. Marine, and a lawyer who helps small businesses, including those in the firearms arena. I'm a former anti-gunner but my husband convinced me to learn to shoot so I'd be better able to make educated arguments about firearms. I insisted on learning from a woman instructor and it was the best decision I could have made - from the first class, I was hooked. 2 1/2 years later, I'm the Vice President of the Liberal Gun Club, California Chapter, a member of the DC Project, an amateur competitor in shotgun and rimfire, an instructor, and a member of numerous local ranges and gun clubs, which means our chapter can provide a wide variety of shooting experiences to women in the San Francisco Bay Area. I own and shoot many different types of firearms and one of the best experiences of my life was Helligunning at the A Girl & A Gun National Conference.

I strongly believe that education is the most valuable resource we can give. Being a A Girl & A Gun facilitator allows me to empower any woman who wishes to learn more about guns to come out to the range and get first-hand experience in a low-key, less intimidating environment so that they are equipped with more knowledge and less fear.

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