Budget Shooting

Budget Shooting

By Sandra Kozero, Facilitator of the San Antonio AG & AG Chapter.

We all know that shooting can be a very expensive pastime. From the initial gun acquisition to the (hopefully) frequent ammunition consumption. On top of this, there are range bags, eye and ear protection, magazines, holsters, belts, and the list goes on. And don’t forget about training expenses.

I recently read an article on how to conserve money while still enjoying your shooting interest, but was not impressed by the few ideas it did provide. The article did suggest using paper plates as cheap targets and recycling backpacks and other used carrying bags into range bags.

I presented the question, “How do you save money on shooting?” to the San Antonio Chapter of A Girl & A Gun and here are the ideas they came up with:

  • In the same line as paper plates, you can also get colored plastic or foam plates from the local $1 store. These are great for transition drills.
  • Colored index cards can be used to fine tune your shooting groups.
  • Make your own splatter targets by taking brightly colored construction paper and totally covering it with packing tape. Finish it with two coats of flat black spray paint.
  • Use a heavy duty baby stroller and transform it into a 3-gun cart.
  • With about 18 inches of 9 gauge wire and pliers or a vice grip, you can make your own clay stands for practicing with your short barrel shotgun.
  • For around $4 you can find a heavy duty, water resistant document bag instead of a pistol pouch.
  • If you do not reload, you can still save your brass. Freedom Munitions will credit your account for your used brass.
  • If you do reload, replace the polishing media for cleaning the brass with crushed walnut shell reptile bedding from your local pet store.
  • You can use a 2 gallon or 5 gallon bucket and a tool holster that fits over the bucket as a range bag. You can even throw your used brass into it.
  • Utilize larger binder clips (alligator clips) in lieu of staples to fasten your target to the stand.
  • For our amateur gun smiths, keep your guns from scratching while in vice grips or pliers or on rough surfaces, by using scrap leather. You can find small pieces from hobby stores or tack stores.

As for reducing your training costs, the best value EVER is the A Girl & A Gun Annual Training Conference, where you get 3 days of instruction from top shooters across the nation for just $325.

Thanks to Barbara, Cindy, LaNae, Michelle, and Sophia for the great ideas.

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