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Book Review: Shooting Journal

When I think of writing journals, I picture a leather bound book with 50 or so blank pages and an inspirational quote scripted on the top of each page. For the life of me, I cannot force myself to sit down and pen my daily thoughts, dreams, mishaps, etc. The A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) Shooting Journal, turns this old thinking upside down. I am utilizing the book at all my shooting events from goal setting to goalkeeping, from dry fire to live fire, and from measuring to analyzing.

AG & AG continues to abide by its promise “It’s More Than Shooting” by creating a journal that is “More Than Journaling.” The 200-plus page, full-color, spiral bound publication is chocked full of inspiration, valuable articles, goal setting, and drills.

This best part of the book is that can be tailored to any experience level. A Girl & A Gun first has the reader identify her unique color track that guides the shooter through her unique their program. Simply follow the Candy Land-style assessment map until you reach a point where checking the boxes no longer applies to your skill level and this is where your journey begins, although no one said you can’t continue to work on the more basic drills.

The many articles at the beginning of the journal, which include firearm safety, proper gear, and mental and physical fitness, just to name a few, provide a lot of information and review. The heart of the journal – the monthly discussion and drills – comprises the bulk of pages. Each of the twelve months (you don’t have to start in January) begins with one the AG & AG values, which can be used to inspire growth not only with regards to shooting skills, but also in your personal life as well. Each month has plenty of journaling activities to help you assess and monitor your progress as a shooter.

Each month features a fundamental skillset to focus on. Because advanced training is improving upon the basics, A Girl & A Gun has incorporated drills based off your color assessment and included unique target pages for each drill, along with a drill scoresheet and a training tracker. These drills encompass both dry-fire and live-fire exercises to boot.

For those who like inspirational quotes, this journal will not disappoint as a wide variety of quotes are scattered throughout. There are also personal stories from AG & AG members on their paths toward success. When it comes to journaling, A Girl & A Gun’s Shooting Journal encompasses the structure, information, and motivation that a shooter needs to help her reach the next level.

Order your shooting journal today! It is available as a free download for all AG & AG members or can be purchased on the AG & AG website.

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