As a vendor, your business will be:

  • Featured on our website
  • Mentioned on our Facebook pages
  • Linked from our website Member Area
  • Promoted to our members

Promotional Opportunities for our your company as a Vendor Partner:

  • Listed in our Discount Code Directory: Your business can provide a special discount for products for AG & AG members.  Our members are always looking for new shooting gear and accessories, and many of them cannot resist a good deal.  Also wholesale pricing on demo products and training aides for chapter facilitators to use during AG & AG events.
  • Quarterly Giveaway Sponsor: Every quarter up to 4 lucky AG & AG members (including associate members) win an awesome prize just for being a member! This is just another perk of membership and our way of saying “thank you” for being a member — and a great way for a business to get exposure through our social media and other networking!
  • Product Demos & Reviews: Our Vendor Partner Liaison will personally work with your product and write up a product spotlight to be published in a newsletter and/or annual gear guide.  Once they are done working with your product it will be sent to one of Chapters and utilized by our members.

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