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AAR: Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor Course

I first heard about Image Based Decisional Drills (IBDD) at the virtual 2020 A Girl and A Gun National Conference and purchased “The Kit” in hopes of bringing it to my students via Zoom. After getting the product in my hands, I didn’t feel I could present the program effectively virtually without additional training, so […]

Making ONE Good FIRST Decision

access courses of action, make a decision, and disseminate the information to the rest of your body. Visuals are very effective ways of learning in that they decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention. As human brains are not designed to be multitaskers (doing two or more things at the same time), but serial processors (doing one thing, then going on to the next thing quickly), cycling through the tools is essential in dealing with the scenarios. The more you use the tool, whichever one it is, the easier it is for your body to “automatically” deploy the tool in a real life situation.

Ruger LCP Max: A Monster of a Micro Gun

Ruger’s redesign of the iconic LCP hits it out of the ballpark. They have taken the needs of their self-defense minded consumers to advance the sights, trigger and grip, just to name a few improvements, and produced a micro compact pistol that you actually enjoy shooting, therefore practice with more. It continues to lead the market in concealability by keeping it slim, short barreled, light and sleek. On top of all the great features of this pistol, I am thrilled that it is American made by a company known for reliable, long lasting firearms. With the price point of just under $450, this is a pistol every self-defense carrier should invest in.

In Quest of the Rifleman’s Patch: Ladyseed Marksmanship Clinics

Last September I had another fabulous opportunity to take the Ladyseed Marksmanship Clinic offered by Project Appleseed in my hometown of San Antonio. Since I took my first class two years prior and missed the previous year due to a work commitment, I was ecstatic to make another attempt at earning the coveted rifleman’s patch. […]

Purse Carry Option: Crossbody Carry for a GTM Shoulder Clutch

Although there are a group of vocal concealed carriers who are absolutely against purse carry, I believe this is a perfectly viable option. Most women carry purses on a daily bases and are already used to monitoring their purse constantly. By adding a gun to your purse, you must heighten your awareness of where your purse is at all times making sure your gun is not accessible to unauthorized users. Just like any other carry method, you must practice your draw. Taking these steps into consideration and purchasing a quality conceal carry purse, makes purse carry just another opportunity to protect ourselves on a daily basis.

Aware and Prepared

Being aware of your environment is the first step in personal protection. According to the NRA, there are three levels of environmental awareness – low, moderate and high. Other groups have different ways of conveying these levels, but the NRA’s levels are simple and easy to remember.

Book Review: Shooting Journal

When I think of writing journals, I picture a leather bound book with 50 or so blank pages and an inspirational quote scripted on the top of each page. For the life of me, I cannot force myself to sit down and pen my daily thoughts, dreams, mishaps, etc. The A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) Shooting Journal, turns this old thinking upside down. I am utilizing the book at all my shooting events from goal setting to goalkeeping, from dry fire to live fire, and from measuring to analyzing.

Beyond the Basics: Eye and Ear Protection

“Always wear eye and ear protection.” “Eyes and ears!” We hear it. We abide by it. But have you ever really thought
about it? Will your gear meet the standards that you require when you need them