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Handgun Instructors: Be Curious

It came to me one day on how to teach basic handguns to women who are beginners and hesitant on how to start their journey of personal safety.   Remembering how in the beginning I was treated and talked to by instructors with military and/or law enforcement backgrounds; which I am neither of and totally didn’t […]

A Closer Look at the Enigma Holster

The Enigma by Phlster has been an almost everyday part of my life for over eleven months now. I will be honest with you, this can be an incredibly frustrating conceal carry tool. But like most good things, it takes time and patience. Here is a list of things I have learned in the months I have been using the Enigma.

Book Report: Concealed Carry Class

I recommend that you read Concealed Carry Class: The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools if you carry a gun for self-defense and would like to be more informed as to the many aspects involved with doing so, whether you are just getting started or have been carrying for years, there is much to learn and consider, and this book should be part of your library to guide you on that path. This book is filled with so much content, data, and great information. It’s a book you want on your shelf to be able to pull down and read again and again, and you will always get something more out of it each time you do so.

Ruger LCP Max: More Capacity, Features, and Shootability

By Alexandra Nikolov, Las Vegas NV Chapter I have had many clients bring in the LCP and the LCP II over the years and while I did appreciate the loyalty to the brand, it just wasn’t a good fit for my hand, I was looking forward to handling and shooting this new and improved version. […]

Review: Left of Bang

In Left of Bang, authors Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley outline the principles of the US Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter program. This program gives soldiers a way to identify and communicate pre-incident indicators. Being able to do this before an attack, or left of bang (as pictured on a linear timeline) can mean life or death in combat. While the authors use the context of combat, they do provide civilian examples at times in the book. At several points I noted how observing villagers in Afghanistan isn’t much different from observing people at the local mall. The framework of this program can definitely apply in many different walks of life.

AG & AG Members Jump Into Competition with ASI

Our local members regularly participate in ASI and have invited family, friends and neighbors. Regular attendance at our range is usually 35 – 50 shooters. I can echo their enthusiasm for ASI. As the Match Director, introducing this low-key shooting discipline has been a positive and enriching experience.

Take Caution When Transporting Firearms

The term “jugging” refers to a crime that law enforcement officers are investigating on a daily basis. In years past, jugging was prevalent around the holidays and Christmas shopping, but now is a common occurrence for firearms throughout the year. Jugging is simply a surveillance plan by thieves, and then once they locate a target, they take the first opportunity to break into the vehicle or residence and steal the items.

Cold War Concealment’s Fayetteville Chapter Visit

This month, the Fayetteville, NC Chapter was pleased to welcome Clif Messick from Cold War Concealment to our Breakfast and Bullets event to demonstrate his holsters and magazine pouches. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your firearm. Cold War Concealment is an American made product from a veteran owned business, made from the highest quality of USA materials

SHOT Show 2020

This year SHOT Show officially commenced at the Sands Convention Center on Tuesday January 20th. But there already were events happening all over Clark County. Media day is huge and a much sought-after invite. It happens on Sunday before SHOT Show and is very exciting day. SIG SAUER held its range day at Clark County Shooting Center. Daniel Defense was out at Pro Gun LV for a VIP event. I want to tell you about some other smaller events that happen the weekend leading up to the Big Show.

Gun Safety Strap

By Eileen Kerlin All too often we hear about the story of a child getting a hold of a loaded gun and the results are all too often tragic. As responsible gun owners we cannot allow this to happen.  Even though our lives are busy with work, school, activities; negligence cannot be excused.  As a […]

Good Girl With A Gun: 1, Bad Guy: 0

DeeAnn shares her story: I was able to firmly plant myself at the far side of the dining room. I met him with a loaded gun as he rounded the corner from the stairs and came towards me.

Robyn Sandoval Honored with SAF Defender of Liberty Award

On September 21, 2019, Robyn Sandoval was honored with the 2019 Defender of Liberty award from the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). Sandoval was one of several award recipients recognized during the 34th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Phoenix, Arizona. Sandoval later addressed the crowd, which included more than 1,000 attendees in person and more than 3,000 viewers participating in the live stream online.

Top 3 “Getting Off The ‘X’” Myths about Shooting On The Move

One of the most important rules in a gunfight is to avoid being in the path of incoming rounds. And one of the popular sayings is that you need to “Get Off The ‘x’.”But that’s where bumper-sticker answers do us a disservice and cause us to buy into training myths about shooting on the move. In this video, Mike Ox demonstrates how you can move at a high rate of speed and still make consistent hits with your carry gun.

STI Factory Tour

The North and South Austin chapters of A Girl & A Gun were fortunate to get to tour the STI handgun factory on a recent Friday in June. There were approximately 22 AG & AG members in attendance. Dustin Tackett, a regional sales manager for STI, led us on the tour.

Home Defense: Brass Tacks

Guarding your Castle is a hot topic, often heatedly discussed with little to no real understanding of the issue at hand. In the past a high-visible and very powerful politician gave advice about blasting a couple rounds in the air with a shotgun to scare away a home invader. It’s important to turn to the experts for more appropriate advice.

Mom to Mom: Tiffany’s Advice

Tiffany Overland offers advice that she learned through her journey of supporting her daughter’s competitive shooting career.

Taking the Time to Dry Fire

If you aren’t putting on your belt and holster (if you have one) and dry firing, you aren’t building the neuropathways you will need when you need them the most — in situations under stress or duress. It also trains your eye where to look (hint: focus on the front sight), helps train you to get your sight picture quickly and helps encourage your body to pull the firearm up to your line of sight. Your grip and your stance will be put under stress and you will know very quickly when you draw and drive the firearm forward if you loosen anywhere. This helps you know where to tighten up.

Porta-Potties And Other Shooting Match Necessities

By Christi Conner Tate. If your match isn’t friendly to senior gals such as me, or girls who just won’t poo in the woods at any age, you should recognize that just because we are past our “pooing in woods prime,” or just “no”, most of us have an ammo and gun budgets that resembles the mortgage on a second house. You need us on your range. The presence of porta-potties is just a start.

A “Girly Girl’s” Take on the Gen II IWB/Pocket Remora Holster

By Barb Miller. This review of the new generation Remora low-profile, no-clip, IWB holster is coming strictly from a female perspective, and I’ve been as open and honest as possible in giving these holsters a fair shake. They are pretty amazing, well made, easy to use, offer comfort, and safety. The magazine holder did its job well and was small enough for me to put in my pocket. There are certainly times when these holsters will absolutely fit the bill!

Broadening the 2A Tent

At our 2018 National Conference, Tiffany Johnson gave a inspirational and informative presentation on Broadening the 2A Tent. This article is a summary and resource to educate others about this important topic.

Keeping Kids Safe: Gun Storage

By Sandra Kozero. Responsible citizens who own firearms understand that this decision comes with the enormous responsibility of knowing that this chunk of metal and springs can cause serious injury, if not death, to living things. Regardless of why people own firearms, guns absolutely MUST be safely secured from the underaged, the uniformed, and the unlawful (minors, people who do not know how to safely operate firearms, and criminals). This article is aimed at protecting our children – all our children; however the same techniques can also be used to secure firearms from other unauthorized access.

Review: Zuca Range Cart

By Sandy Kozero. The uses for Zuca range carts are endless: conferences, 3-gun, and shotgun field sports just to name a few. (Check out their web site for other industries they specialize in.) As the company dives further into the shooting industry, each year they come out with better ways to help us carry our equipment. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Sandy’s Adventures at 2018 NRAAM

By Sandy Kozero. As I crash into bed after my full day of hiking, my mind still hears the low rumble of the crowd and my thighs burn numb. I am glad that my friend convinced me to attend the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Next time the NRAAM is within a 5-hour drive of San Antonio, you can bet that I will be there, not for just one day, but for the entire 3-day event.

Magneato Magnetic MK-1 Holster Review

By Sandra Kozero. The Magneato holster did a great job at a great price. It kept my pistol safe and where I placed it. The trick is not in the holster, but in the waistband of the pants. I will definitely add the Magneato to my daily holster options and use it when a belt is not available due to my outfit.

Book Review: The Dry Fire Primer

By Sandra Kozero. Anyone who would like to include dry fire into their overall shooting routine should read The Dry Fire Primer. It will save you the time of learning these effective dry fire strategies on your own and help you be successful from your first dry fire practice to incorporating these skills at the range.

On the Range: Nervous Newbies vs Prepared Pros

By Christi Conner Tate. At the close of my second year of competitive shooting, I am not a newbie anymore. I sat on the porch in the cold one morning as snow clouds hung low and dark in the north Georgia mountains where I make my home. With coffee in hand, I asked aloud to anyone who would listen, “Why am I making rookie mistakes?” This isn’t fun. “Who does that in the close of their second year?” Repeatedly, I could put my finger on a recurring problem rather than newness: it’s the lack of focus during the planning and the execution during the whole process of competitive shooting from the going to bed on time to ensuring my gear is together. I am going to bring back some elements of the nervous girl I banished because she’d been unable to eat or sleep until prep had been done. In my third season, I’m going to bring back part of that nerve problem: use my calm to be more efficient and work on focus and let the nervous girl the credit that she deserves and force me to prepare.

Best Knife for Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry (EDC) is anything you might carry with you on a daily basis. As the old saying goes, “Don’t leave home without it.” Ideas on what to carry with you will vary, but typically include cash, credit cards, ID, phone, first aid kit, your firearm, and your knife. The knife is a tool that covers a lot of uses. It gives you many abilities including hunting, making things and even protecting yourself. Knives are great because they never run out of bullets and even a dull serrated blade will do some serious damage. You can hit at minimum with the blunt end as well as use the sharp end to thrust, nick, cut, and tear. The knife is also a widely excepted tool allowing you to carry it just about anywhere you go. This makes the knife a must when it comes to all aspects of your EDC.

Intimate Partner Violence: Training for the Unthinkable

By Sandra Kozero and Tracy Thronburg. More than half of female homicides are by an intimate partner. Women must have resources and train for the unthinkable. This article lists 10 ways to train against Intimate Partner Violence.