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Essentials of a Productive Training Day

New shooters often go to the range with multiple firearms and no plan of action.  Sending hundreds of rounds down range with no measurable way to evaluate their success or failure.  Success is often measured by blowing a hole through the center of target.  This is an expensive and non-productive way to spend the day. To ensure a productive training day at the range, start by organizing your essentials.

Match Manners: Good Etiquette of a Competitor

Everyone likes to pride themselves on the manners their mama taught them. However, competitive shooting requires more than just a “yes sir/no sir” attitude. This article addresses the basics of match etiquette and the manners that matter on the range when you’re a competitor.

USCCA AR-15 Instructor Course Wraps Up 2022

On Dec. 5-7, 2023, 13 A Girl & A Gun Chapter Facilitator gathered in Killeen, TX, for the USCCA AR-15 Fundamentals Instructor Certification Course. This curriculum was one of the newest USCCA classes available that was developed in response to the popularity of the AR-15 platform.  According to the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), Americans own more than 20 million AR-styled rifles. 

Virtual Learning for AG & AG Members

Virtual GNOs were such a success that after the world reopened, the GNOs have continued. Two GNOs are scheduled each month. The first focuses on the AG & AG monthly value from the Shooting Journal and is presented by a Chapter Facilitator. The second is usually presented by Tatiana Whitlock (AG & AG’s Director of Training) and focuses on that month’s pistol skill.

Red Dot: For the Aging, for the Long-Term, for the Win

Another idea I had to overcome was the idea that students MUST learn to shoot with iron sights first.  But I’ve changed that viewpoint.  I feel it is important to understand how both sighting systems work but if a student wishes to shoot a dot for whatever reason that is their decision.  It is not mine.  Many of my clients are at the point in their life where readers are required and just like me cannot see their front sights.  If a dot makes shooting easier and more enjoyable than I say go for it! As long as they understand that they must still employ proper shooting fundamentals.  For those thinking red dots are a fad; I can say they are here to stay!

Upland Adventure 2021: High Grass and All

It’s always a great time when you can join an A Girl & A Gun Girls Getaways and the 2021 Upland Adventure did not disappoint!  Five members from Texas, Missouri, and Nevada met up with AG & AG Mentor/Trainer David Miller of CZ-USA Field Sports and his dogs Guinness & Sailor, in the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. Hunting skills ran the gambit from the first time hunter to the very experienced which made for an amazing learning environment.

The Right to Keep Arms Beyond Firearms

Many, if not most, gun girls are also blade girls. A knife is a tool that has a lot of uses, from getting into Amazon boxes to hunting/shelter making, and even protecting yourself. Knives are great because they never run out of ammunition and even a dull serrated blade will do some serious damage. Every […]

She-Ra Squad Tackled He-Man Nationals

In May a group of AG & AG members decided that a week at National Conference was just not enough time for shooting together, and we were ready to accept another challenge from AG & AG leadership. Julianna Crowder & Robyn Sandoval are always thinking outside of the box, and Julianna put together an all-female squad at He-Man Multigun Nationals located at the NRA Whittington Center in spectacular Raton, NM.  And 7 women stepped up to the plate (six whom had just finished attending Conference).  

Mothers & Daughters Training Together

More than 450 women descended upon the Cameo Shooting Complex in spectacular Grand Junction, Co. These ladies represented more than 95 chapters and 36 states. Many chapters came as large groups in matching chapter shirts. Women from the E-chapter came solo and made new connections. There was a record number of first-time conference attendees and there were ladies who have attended EVERY conference since its inception.

What was so exciting to see were the mother & daughter attendees who came together to train; and I had the opportunity to chat with several of them.

Traveling to a 3-Gun Match

Flying to a multigun match with all of your gear can be really intimidating for a newbie. It’s not that bad! Start by reading Julianna’s article on Flying with Firearms, and be prepared and be ready to be flexible. Here are some tips from my experiences traveling to matches with firearms over the last two years.

Tell Your 2A Story

Too often we don’t believe that we are the voices of the 2nd Amendment, but we are the MOST important voice. And the voice that needs to be heard! I am invigorated to protect my rights and want you join me.

The Road to Fall Fest

I’ve been perusing my A Girl & A Gun Shooting Journal this week and I came upon “The Road to Fall Fest” and my notes from last February. It really made me giggle thinking about my own personal road to Fall Fest. I love how the journal lays out how to prepare for the match and I shake my head at myself because my preparation was a bit different.