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April 2024 Recap

April 2024 was another exciting month in AG & AG Nation! We welcomed new members (up 27.8% since last April!), trained on a variety of platforms, launched new initiatives, and of course, hosted our biggest National Conference to date — with over 700 students! Here are some of the highlights:

706 Women SHINE at AG & AG Conference

A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) hosted its 12th Annual National Conference of 706 female firearms enthusiasts, who gathered for several days of training, camaraderie, and fun. The event, SHINE 2024, was presented by GLOCK at Cameo Shooting and Education Complex near Grand Junction, CO. The annual event sold out last September and had more than 500 women on the waiting list.

Attendees were all women who ranged in age from 17 to 78 and traveled to Colorado from 45 different states and represented 135 AG & AG Chapters. All attendees were categorized by experience level for training sessions; 28% of the attendees were new or relatively new shooters, 41% were intermediate-level shooters, and 31% were advanced. The team of 109 of the nation’s best firearms instructors offered training classes that addressed nearly every aspect of firearms and self-defense, from defensive carry, competition, and tactics to gun maintenance, ground fighting, and nonlethal tools. Read more >

AG & AG Debuts Pistol Marksmanship Program

The AG & AG Pistol Marksmanship Program is a self-paced, guided shooting activity that helps members develop their pistol fundamentals and earn beads for their bracelets along the way. Earning beads is a proactive and exciting way to show pride about newly honed pistol skills! A member starts with a stylish leather bracelet and then earns up to 20 beads as she progresses through the program. Each of the 10 levels comprises 2 courses of fire (COFs), Standard (silver beads) and Precision (gold beads). If she earns all 20 beads, she receives a formal certificate from the league! Learn more >

Fundraiser for AG & AG Legacy Nearly $40,000!

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Daniel Defense, who donated a rifle to be raffled at National Conference, the AG & AG community raised $37,680. Raffle tickets brought in $18,840 and one AG & AG member generously matched all funds raised. A Girl & A Gun Legacy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is established to provide facilities, programs, and memorials for the AG & AG community. The winner of the Daniel Defense rifle is Gail A. from Centennial, CO!

By the Numbers

Here is our reach for April 2024:

  • We mailed 626 membership packets from HQ (+27.8% over last April)!
  • In April 2024 A Girl & A Gun chapters hosted 342 chapter events with 1,933 attendees (+9.3% over last April).
  • We hosted 1 virtual event with 1,384 (and climbing!) views.
  • Our smartphone app downloads grew to 12,102 users (+9.2% over last April).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for April 2024:

The Grand Junction CO Chapter at #SHINE2024 National Conference! They had an awesome time!

The National eChapter had 40 ladies attend National Conference! They came together from all over the U.S., the furthest traveling from Alaska. Conference provided the perfect venue for the ladies to connect with one another and train with the best instructors in the industry. #SHINE2024

The Douglas County NV Chapter ladies had so much fun at the 2024 SHINE Conference. They made new friends, gained new skills, learned from some of the best instructors, and are already making plans to attend the 2025 Conference!

San Antonio, San Antonio Northwest, and New Braunfels TX area Chapters teamed up at Conference. They traveled together and had many opportunities to fellowship! #SHINE2024

The Douglas County NV Chapter met for GNO and practiced their basic shooting fundamentals, along with safely handling their firearms. They conducted Load and Make Ready, Clear and Make Safe, Trigger Control, Slide Manipulations and Reload Drills. This was a favorite with the all the ladies.

The San Diego CA Chapter brought 21 ladies to the AG & AG National Conference. In some of their favorite classes, they learned how to use leverage to escape while being pinned down by someone, how to safely and effectively operate an AR-15, and learned the basics of archery and shot their first bow! #SHINE2024

The Grand Junction CO Chapter took the Intro to Competitive Shooting Class hosted by Action Pistol Group. The class focused on IDPA, USPSA, and SCSA competition.

The Las Vegas NV Chapter had the most amazing time at Conference! #SHINE2024

The Douglas County NV Chapter spent their Breakfast and Bullets range time shooting the Blue Confirmation Drills. After Shooting they gathered at a local restaurant to eat and discuss their accomplishments.

The Oxford OH Chapter spent Sunday afternoon T Time shooting their way through the Candyland target! Before shooting, they discussed setting goals and how to be real with yourself. The ladies really enjoyed aiming for those little candies in the corners of the Candyland squares. It was an awesome practice!

The Frisco TX Chapter has a celebrity! Amber Haddock, A-Teamer, is featured in The New York Times in a story on women executive personal protection agents. Photos for the article were taken at the chapter’s range, Big Boar Tactical.

The League City TX Chapter held a class taught by Rebby from Mantis. This class was for their leadership team and other Facilitators and instructors nearby. #leadership

The Lebanon OH Chapter hosted the “Shoot the Bunny in the Tail” competition. Though many attempted the 15′ shot on a super-small target Heidi B was the proud winner. She gained the Title of “Heidi the Queen” and won her choice of AG & AG swag items from a goodie bag.

The Jacksonville FL Chapter hosted a USCCA Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals module, and then practiced safe gun handling and marksmanship fundamentals. They all successfully hit several arrays of steel targets.

The Douglas County NV Chapter held their monthly Seminar/Potluck and “gun cleaning” was the topic. The ladies learned how to clean their guns.

The Douglas County NV Chapter had 10 new members attend a Basic Pistol Class. Congratulations Ladies and welcome to the Chapter!

The San Antonio TX Chapter Ladies had a GNO practicing “Getting the Lead Out” after a reminder and instruction on lead exposure and proper hand washing.

The San Diego CA Chapter hosted their monthly fundamentals-focused event, where new members focused on the ever-important firearm safety rules and proper handling techniques in a quiet and safe environment.

The San Antonio NW TX Chapter began the AG & AG Marksmanship Program! Four ladies earned their bracelet and First Level bead! Well done, ladies! A round of 10/10 for each of them. An amazing start for this exciting new program! #marksmanship #agirlandagun

The Central WI Chapter challenged their pistol skills at their Girls Night Out event using the dueling tree target.

The Jacksonville FL Chapter tested their skills at their local IDPA match. Each member impressed the squad leaders with safe gun handling and accuracy! Squadding together added to the fun of the day.

The Tulsa OK Chapter hosted a Girls Night out and it was a big hit, with 3 new members joining. The Tulsa Chapter also represented at AG & AG National Conference. #SHINE2024

The Savannah GA Chapter had fun in the sun! The ladies enjoyed a day a range filled with some super fun drills.

The Greater Black Hills SD Chapter received a grant that will help send another LEO to AG & AG’s Back the Women in Blue. The grant will also help send ladies to Safety & Awareness Seminars, and we will be able to provide needs-based scholarships to women that would like to learn firearms safety and training. #givingback

The Sheboygan County WI Chapter’s A-Team member Darla shared insights from Mike Ox and his Vision Training, Red Dot Mastery, & See Quicker, Shoot Quicker training programs. Darla taught the ladies a variety of vision drills, then they hit the range to SEE the improvements for themselves!

The Waukesha WI Chapter hosted an event focused on shot gun skills to prepare our Ladies for turkey hunting. They had instruction on turkey hunting, shot gun patterning, and shot 5 stand and trap.

The Memphis TN Chapter enjoyed a workshop on red dots at their Breakfast and Bullets event.

The North Austin TX Chapter participated in their first GSSF Match and Kara Krautter was the overall winner and came away with a free GLOCK pistol certificate! Teresa Sykora won high senior lady and received a hat and 6-month range membership!

The Waukesha WI Chapter hosted a shotgun clinic to prepare ladies for turkey hunting. They had instructions on hunting, patterning, and they shot 5-stand and trap!

Published Articles and Videos

The following content pieces were published in April 2024 (active membership may be required to view some pages):

About A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is a membership organization whose events are successful stepping stones for thousands of women entering the shooting community by fostering their love of shooting with caring and qualified instructors who coach them. AG & AG breaks barriers for women and girls in self-defense, and in pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting sports by welcoming beginners to learn the basics of safe and accurate shooting and providing experienced shooters with advanced-level opportunities. The club has members in all 50 states and hosts recurring Girl’s Nights Out at hundreds of ranges throughout the United States.

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