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April 2023 Recap

April 2023 was another wonderful month in AG & AG Nation! We welcomed new members (+8.6% growth YoY), trained on a variety of platforms, advocated for our rights, and of course, hosted our biggest National Conference to date — with 600 students! Here are some of the highlights:

A Girl & A Gun Celebrates 11th National Conference with Record Attendance

Participants included 600 members representing 123 AG & AG chapters from 40 different states. The women were able to choose from among 400 training classes run by 102 of the nation’s top firearms educators. Training classes ran over 3 days, with an additional 2 days of lectures and leadership development. The event also included a Vendor Day with representatives from 37 major brands, including GLOCK, Walther, Staccato, NightForce, USCCA, Heckler & Koch, Mossberg, Primary Arms, U.S. Law Shield, and others, showcasing the latest product lines to AG & AG members and their guests.

AG & AG’s Director Interviewed in Jeff Hays Film

On April 11th a 9-part docuseries launched highlighting the reasons why gun owners defend the Second Amendment and why they carry firearms to protect those that they love. The docuseries is jam-packed with facts, figures, and information from some of the most formidable minds in the Second Amendment world. AG & AG Executive Director is one of the professionals interviewed throughout the series. Individual interviews are cut up and sewn into different portions of the film as it progresses. Broken up into different themes, the Jeff Hays production, hosted by James Saccomano, covers some of the hot-button issues of the Second Amendment today. The entire package is behind a paywall. Learn more >

“Age Is Just A Number” Says Coni Brooks

AG & AG Central Utah Chapter Facilitator Coni Brooks was a guest contributor to Shooting Illustrated with her article, Age Is Just A Number. In the article, Coni shares her personal journey that began with outdoor adventures as a child, to building a major bullet manufacturing brand with her husband. Although she retired, her adventures continued with her involvement in A Girl & A Gun. Not only did she start a chapter in Central Utah, but she also began competing in the annual Fall Fest 3-gun match, participating in pistol training regularly, and has made many friends along the way from all over the country. Read more >

New Target Takes Aim on Cancer

In April, AG & AG launched its Cancer Awareness target from Axle Targets that has awareness ribbons and shooting zones in corresponding colors. As Bastrop TX Chapter Facilitator Crystal Ouzillou says, this target lets someone take aim on cancer and “puncture the bubble of fear and uncertainty!” Several chapters used this target at Girls Night Out events throughout April and will continue through May, Brain Cancer Awareness Month, which the League recognizes nationwide as a #givingback initiative.

Standing Up for 2A Rights at the Indiana Capitol

On April 14, Robyn Sandoval was one of the featured speakers at the DC Project press conference at the Indiana Capitol. With thousands of gun owners gathering in Indianapolis for the NRA Annual Meeting, advocates aimed to draw attention to the positive actions that are being used to curb violence without compromising citizens’ rights to protect themselves and their families. Presentations were directed to state legislators so that they could see real women who are gun owners with an important message about firearms: EDUCATION is the key to safety, NOT legislation. The firearms community has meaningful solutions that will make our communities safer.

By the Numbers

Here is our reach in April 2023:

  • In April 2023 A Girl & A Gun chapters hosted over 313 chapter events with more than 1,875 participants (+16.5% over last April)!
  • We mailed 490 new membership packets from HQ (+8.6% over last April).
  • We relaunched 1 new chapter in April: Central Ozarks MO.
  • We hosted 2 virtual events with more than 1,263 (and climbing!) views.
  • Our smartphone app had 11,085 users log in during April (+11% over last year).

Local Training and Media Highlights

Here are local news and media highlights for April 2023:

The Tulsa OK Chapter celebrated their 5-Year Anniversary! They enjoyed a cookie cake and then went to the range to work on acquiring targets with their eyes before moving the firearm on target.

The Salt Lake UT Chapter compared range ammo vs self-defense ammo. They had a ballistic gel demo and then shot stuffed animals with both types, so they could see the entry and exit points clearly. The ladies learned the importance of using hollow point rounds and that their firearms had favorite brands of ammunition.

The League City TX Chapter loves the new AG & AG Cancer Awareness target. Many of the ladies were writing names of friends/family impacted by cancer.

The West Suburban IL Chapter celebrated its 1-Year Anniversary! 25 members attended GNO and celebrated with cake, fellowship, and a highlight of the AR platform. Members with no previous interest in the AR were surprised how much they enjoyed the platform.

The Jacksonville FL Chapter participated in an IDPA match at the new Tango Down Shooting Complex. At the end of the match, the Squad Leader (who was apprehensive about having so many new participants) complimented the group, remarking on their safe handling and conscientiousness on the range.

The Broward County FL Chapter spent GNO working on target transitions and practicing for an upcoming Glock match, while kicking some cancer butt with the new AG & AG targets.

The Katy TX Chapter had a wonderful Meet and Greet in April. They are ready to go!

The Greater Black Hills SD Chapter stayed warm indoors training with the MantisX 10. Many SD ladies have recently relocated from CA, NY, and CO, and they are inspired to fight for their rights. They love that AG & AG gives them a safe space to exercise their Constitutional rights while learning more and making new friends.

The Grand Junction CO Chapter got in some last-minute practice at Cameo during their April ‘T’ Time before heading to AMPLIFY 2023.

The Centralia WA Chapter shot “alphabet targets” at GNO. They had to walk from one side to the other of the range and find the letters of their assigned word. This drill incorporated moving and shooting, keeping the firearm pointed in the right direction, and some even worked stoppages.

Ten members of the Montgomery County PA Chapter shot the Fistful of Steel match at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club in Audobon PA. Five stages had approximately 30 pieces of steel per stage for several divisions.

The Flagler County FL Chapter hosted an archery clinic. Among the instructor team was 14-time National Champion and 3-time World Champion, Jim Brown.

The Northeast TN Chapter hosted a Project Appleseed Event, with approximately 18 in attendance. Five participants earned the coveted “Rifleman” patch, and the majority of those were AG & AG members!

The Savannah GA Chapter Peeps got their “peeps” at the April Easter Egg Shoot.

The Broward County FL Chapter participate in and volunteer at the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation GSSF match in Homestead, FL. This was the first match for many of them. They had an amazing time and have recruited more ladies to participate the next time.

The Central NJ chapter had a blast with Ryan, their regional GLOCK rep. He gifted them with swag and goodies, and of course, lots of Glock pistols to shoot! He explained the gun features, had a fitting session, and let the ladies shoot many different models.

The Bastrop TX Chapter hosted a charcuterie potluck at their GNO. Beth Ane definitely knocked it out of the park with her charcuterie sculpture!

The Gainesville FL Chapter has been enjoying shooting indoors and outdoors in Gainesville and Ocala.

The Northern CO Chapter hosted April Dorris from USCCA. She presented, “6 things you didn’t know would happen when the police arrive.”

The Richmond VA Chapter had a good time working on improving their marksmanship skills!

The Central UT Chapter took advantage of a beautiful day to shoot shotguns!

Three Texas Chapter Facilitators attended Adam Winch’s Defenders Series together in April.

Central NJ Chapter Facilitator Ronnie Siegel Mark earned High Lady at a Steel Challenge match. Several AG & AG members were part of the 81 shooters who attended.

The Greater Black Hills SD Chapter Facilitator Christine Maki was featured in The Black Hills Pioneer newspaper!

Robyn Sandoval was again honored to be a guest on the Defenders Live Podcast with Adam Winch and Lora Thorson.

New Articles & Videos

In April 2023, A Girl & A Gun published the following resources (Active Membership required to view):

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A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) is a membership organization whose events are successful steppingstones for thousands of women entering the shooting community by fostering their love of shooting with caring and qualified instructors who coach them. AG & AG breaks barriers for women and girls in self-defense, and in pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting sports by welcoming beginners to learn the basics of safe and accurate shooting and providing experienced shooters with advanced-level opportunities. The club has members in all 50 states and hosts recurring Girl’s Nights Out at hundreds of ranges throughout the United States.

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