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An Inside View of STI

Recently AG & AG Member Marlene Lagerquist toured the STI factory in Georgetown, TX. She was able to witness the entire manufacturing process from raw steel bars to the beautiful finished product.

“The STI manufacturing process is lengthy with many, many steps and machines,” Marlene explains. “Each one of the small steps throughout the process of fabrication is treated with precision and attention. I was surprised at how much time, effort, monitoring, and attention goes into every little tiny mark, cut, or hole.” 

The STI process is an impressive, detailed, precise process using expensive machines for every part of the process. The skillful level of tooling, drilling, polishing, and all the cool machineries used are incredible, and the team ensures that fitting process is precise and each product is perfect. Marlene was surprised to learn that “There were a lot of machines and tools that measured less than a hair width.” Parts are fabricated and then trimmed and fitted down to the perfect size.

Marlene admits that the tour was especially enjoyable because the STI team was cheerful and enthusiastic about their roles in the overall manufacturing process. She said, “The guys were truly excited, knowledgeable, accountable, and devoted to their manufacturing piece of the STI gun puzzle. It was a pleasure listening to each one of them.”

The highlight for Marlene was meeting the team members who fabricated her OMNI and two Staccato-Cs. She was grateful for the experience, and offered special thanks to Hunter Sexton, Alex Bowen, Tony Pignato, and Nate Horvath.

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