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Alvin Chapter Hosts 1st ASI Match

The AG & AG chapter in Alvin, TX, kicked off the Action Shooting International (ASI) adventures at Big Kountry Range on March 11, 2021. AG & AG Facilitator, Kathlynn Joel-Reich hosted the first ASI match with a Squad of 7, who included some very seasoned shooters, who also helped, mentored our newbies, and performed as Range Officers.

ASI is a great sport for those new to competition and want to learn. The stages are challenging and simplistic, but will give the participants an opportunity to develop their skills with solid mentoring. Typically, newbies to competitions, younger athletes, or those that are aging out of the high paced defensive sports. The “starts” are from “low ready” or “table” so, holsters are not necessary (although welcomed with experienced and safety seasoned shooters). ASI is a fun, family, opportunity to hone your skills.

Thanks to visiting RO and Experienced Shooter, Roger Rexroad, who stepped up and helped with the very first match after recently ROing for The Gulf Coast IDPA Championship, and big thanks to S. Liming, and Tactical Poppins for also being so instrumental on the bays, running the timers, and mentoring new competitive shooters into the sport. ASI at Big Kountry also wishes to thank the Match Directors of “Big Kountry Alvin IDPA” for allowing us to use their props and stands. We are also very grateful  to the most genuine, kind, supportive Range Owner ever. Thank you, Eric Kinnear, who has been so supportive of A Girl & A Gun and now, supportive of ASI. Alvin is so lucky to have an incredible supportive Shooting Community and the AG & AG Alvin Chapter Facilitator is so happy to be play a part.

ASI at Big Kountry is scheduled for every 2nd Thursday of the month. (No ASI Match in May, the MD is out of town.) The next match is April 8, 2021 with a Safety Brief and Mandatory Shooters Meeting starting at 6:00pm and Hammer Down at 6:30pm. Round Counts are 50 rounds +-, and you’ll shoot 4 stages. Matches are open to AG & AG Members, AG & AG Family and AG & AG Friends. Registration on PracticScore is preferred, however, walk-ins are welcome. Payment for the match is done at the door.

Learn more about the Alvin chapter at TX – Alvin Chapter ⋆ A Girl and A Gun

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