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AG & AG Leaders Enjoy Unique Experience with the Walther PDP F-Series

Ten AG & AG Leaders spent two days at Walther Arms HQ in Ft Smith, Arkansas, where they got a first-hand view of the design, assembly, and function of the PDP F-Series pistol. Their Walther Getaway was an opportunity for the ladies to gather together, learn, and train in AG & AG fashion.

Upon arriving at Walther, the ladies were greeted by President and CEO Rob McCanna, VP of Marketing and Product Development Jens Krough, and Communications Manager Chris Long. As they toured the facility, they were able to meet with several Walther staff members who shared their roles and responsibilities in how they contribute to the success of both Umarex and Walther. A special treat was lunch with all of the women who work in the building — and there were a lot of them! It was wonderful to meet these women and hear about how much they love working there.

Next, AG & AG women actually jumped into the assembly line with Ashlee (pictured above) and each created her own personal PDP F-Series pistol. From every perfectly engineered piece to quality control testing, the process was completed by each AG & AG leader, who was then entered into the system as the assembly technician of her serial numbered pistol. Then, after test firing the pistols, they tore them down and rebuilt them under the guidance of the Walther experts in a comprehensive armorer’s course.

The grand finale was taking their new PDP F-Series pistols to the range under the instruction of Walther’s Defense Team Member and AG & AG’s Director of Training Tatiana Whitlock! Despite the 100+ degree temperatures on the range, the ladies learned how to operate the F-Series efficiently from both right-handed and left-handed perspectives so that they can better train their students and how the F-Series specifically can be a benefit to their students. They also tackled the Compass Drill and worked on target transitions and hand manipulations, starting with simple tasks and escalating to advanced moves so that they can develop and challenge experience students. The ladies also learned teaching techniques for working with iron sights as well as red dot sights, as they become more popular with students.

This experience was a fantastic event for the A Girl & A Gun leaders. Not only did the ladies have an incredible time learning the culture of Walther Arms, but they also each have an in-depth understanding of the function of the F-Series firearm so that they can be better shooters and better instructors.

Thank you, Walther, for your hospitality!