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Accepting- AG & AG Value #1

In September, we launched the AG & AG Values…starting off with “Accepting.” I have to giggle at #8. AG & AG is many wonderful things…not sure we are normal or usual to most people… but we are certainly suitable! When I think of the word “accept” and A Girl and A Gun being “accepting,” I think of the words “all are welcome” as our culture statement says:
To welcome all demographics of women to participate in our events, which are designed for all levels from recreational to competitive shooting. A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League belongs to its members. gives us the following meanings:
1. to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor: to accept a present; to accept a proposal.
2. to agree or consent to; accede to: to accept a treaty; to accept an apology.
3. to respond or answer affirmatively to: to accept an invitation.
4. to undertake the responsibility, duties, honors, etc.,
5. to receive or admit formally, as to a college or club.
6. to accommodate or reconcile oneself to: to accept the situation.
7. to regard as true or sound; believe: to accept a claim;
8. to regard as normal, suitable, or usual.
9. to receive as to meaning; understand.

I love all of these definitions. We are accepting of ourselves, we are accepting of others, we are accepting of new responsibilities, we are accepting that sometimes life is tough, but we have each other to lean on. We are accepting of each other’s accomplishments…we have all accepted the invitation to belong to something that is “more than shooting.”
To be accepted as you are is so important, and oftentimes as women, we feel we need to change who we are to fit in with social circles, professional settings…even with our own family or friends. A Girl & A Gun was created with acceptance at the heart of the mission, and we are so proud that our Facilitators and Members have embodied this attribute.

To join us, find a chapter near you or participate at the national level.  If you feel called to start a chapter, we would love to accept you into our sisterhood.


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