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A Look at Legal Coverage

For the last decade there have been a significant number of organizations established that provide traditional style insurance or membership programs with access to attorneys for the specific purpose of defense of person or property while using a firearm or any legal weapon. At first you may think that this coverage is not necessary, but once you consider all the scenarios you use your firearms for self defense or recreation, you will soon realize it is added layer of financial protection for you and your family.  Now if you happen to have $300,000 sitting in the bank just in case you need a defense attorney then you might not need to continue reading!

“Self Defense Insurance” is not just for those citizens that open or conceal carry based on their states laws and requirements for permits, it is for all firearms owners,  Policies are designed to cover you while you are at home, in public, while traveling or on private property.  Some programs even cover minors and have rider policies for bail, expert witness, recovery of firearms etc.  The important factors you must consider are the legal ramifications after a shooting incident, how do you plan to protect yourself in the event of a civil or criminal court proceedings where you could end up as the defendant. No matter how justified you feel you were in using deadly force to protect yourself, property or a third person, the reality is you will most likely face arrest and enter the legal system.  This is the not the time to be searching for a law firm only to discover you may need a $50,000 retainer, and may not even be an expert in this field.

The single best way that you can prepare for any legal action against you after a shooting incident is by becoming educated to the resources and programs that are available to you in accordance to the laws of your state.  Two programs recommended by A Girl & A Gun are U.S. Law Shield and USCCA.  Each program provides services, coverage and education that you might find attractive based on your specific set of circumstances and budget.  We find that many people chose to have both programs for added security making sure all bases are covered. 

As always, we encourage you to do your research to compare programs for coverage accessible in your state and where you find the most value for your investment.  If you choose to join either program make sure you use the AG & AG codes found on the Vendor Partner page for Members for discounts and additional perks!