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A Girl & A Gun Values

September is a special month for A Girl & A Gun. On Sept 1, 2011, we officially launched our chapter-based program and started registering members, just 6 months after the first Girl’s Night Out hosted by Julianna Crowder with 5 ladies in Leander, TX. Four years later – Sept 1, 2015 – we have grown into a nationwide organization that does amazing things with amazing people.
During a Leadership Development session at the 3rd National Conference, our Facilitators talked about what AG & AG has come to mean to them. It is more than a sisterhood and friendships…it is more than a love for shooting and our 2A rights. It is who we are as individuals and how we come together in community with a set of core values we believe in. September is our “New Year”, so it is with great excitement that we share the A Girl & A Gun Values with you!

Accepting      Adventurous       Adaptable
Gracious        Noteworthy         Generous
Impactful        Determined         Unselfish
Real                                              Necessary

Every month we spotlight a value and what it means to us and we would love to hear what it means to you.


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